Evolution of Video Games In 3 Minutes Or Less (1940-2018)

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Published: 1772 days
VIDEO GAMES EVOLUTION - IN THE BEGINNING... THERE WAS ONLY THE NIMATRON. We have come a long way from Pong and the early days of video game graphics.

This is TheGamer’s Evolution of Video Games In 3 Minutes Or Less (1940-2017).

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In the beginning... There was only the Nimatron.

The first video game ever debuted at the New York World's Fair in 1940. Edward Condon, a nuclear physicist, presented an electromechanical machine called the Nimatron, which was designed to play the ancient mathematical strategy game of Nim. The objective of the game was to try and force your opponent to take the last matchstick from a pile in front of you. Unfortunately, the computer was so good it won 90% of the time, but on the rare occasions it did lose, it would present players with a token coin so they could let all of their friends know they were a Nim Champion.

So what will the future hold? With companies like Facebook investing in the Oculus Rift to develop virtual reality content, combined with the recent advances in AI and voice recognition software, the potential is there for a true interactive 3D world, with self-generating content that would allow gamer's to further immerse themselves in an entirely digital landscape. The question becomes, what happens when the digital world is better than reality?


Script by: John Titley

Voice Over by: John Titley

Edited by: John Titley

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