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Published: 2 months ago
These guys are a particularly nasty group from Kolkata in India. They run a refund scam and this video shows what their call center looks like, how they operate, who and where they are. I've sent a link to the unblurred version of this video to the Kolkata Cyber Police (for all the good that it will do).

To see the unblurred version yourself, here is a link to the version:!/v/jimbrowning/zsgjr21a

There is more information about them on

I refer to a video where Christy has her files deleted by these scammers. You can find it here:

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This is why we need channels like ScammerRevolts and you.

4 hours ago

i can hardly understand this scammer...

4 hours ago

Not all heroes wear capes.

5 hours ago

Dude you are like Batman 2.0

5 hours ago

They did the equivalent of messing with John Wick, but in the cyber world.

6 hours ago

You are by far my favorite youtuber!

7 hours ago

The 1.2K dislike must be the Indian Scammers

9 hours ago

I hate Indian people. Dirty stinky scammers

10 hours ago

Was on the phone with a scammer today but he instantly hung up when he realized I was on a Linux computer

10 hours ago

How did you do this though?

10 hours ago

People like you deserve an amazing life. I hope you have an AMAZING day.

10 hours ago

You mean Calcutta?

11 hours ago

How did he get all that footage, informations and everything?

I am NOT saying it's fake, it's obviously not. I'm just not into tech and am really curious about it.

12 hours ago


6 hours ago

Stick it to these evil bastarads ha love it !🤣😎👍😆😝

13 hours ago

They should be building bathrooms instead of scamming people , that country is nasty and smelly just like their people!

14 hours ago

6:52 Aull hez bin DeLeehted from Yuar compeuter

15 hours ago

Have you notified Fintrac? They would deal with these scammers too. I’ve had to use them before in Canada.

16 hours ago

This is the third time i watch one of the videos of yours and again i cought myself thinking: "Oh he must be german." Too bad, since it is americans getting scammed. Then i watch the title and think; oh, at least this is english. Then i actually pay attention, that you are speaking english. Ah, he is a german and makes english videos. Fuck, they are all english. Did you ever speak german? Are you german?

17 hours ago

i aM A MaN Of mY wOrd-tech support scammer 2019

18 hours ago

Go to any city India and the first thing you encounter are scammers.. starts from taxi or autorickshaw and just goes on and on and on.. they should be referring to all scams as the great 'Indian scam', instead of Nigerian scam'.. India is full of scammers, anyplace you look.. That's the reality

19 hours ago

This is the new India.. lynchings, communalism and scammers.. pretty much sums it up

19 hours ago


20 hours ago

Eastern world just seems to be shit version of the western world. Everything pretty much the same but on a much shittier level. And I bet it fucking stinks

21 hours ago

If someone cold calls you and pretends to be American/British/Australian ...and that person obviously sounds like a non-native English speaker ....and you still end up allowing that person access to your personal computer...well....well....

21 hours ago

That audio swap out, that's some real DedSec stuff right there.

22 hours ago

Almost all these scammers are muslims. Yes this is not a coincidence. There is a correlation.

22 hours ago

Cigarette smoke is the least foul smelling odor coming from these animals.

23 hours ago


After he said,"option"...

Did he say,"nigga"?

1 day ago

they just sound so DUMB .how do people fall for this .. sadly because of these scammers any Indians that come to my door offering cheaper power or phone i tell to get lost now

1 day ago

These people should be killed.

1 day ago