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Published: 4 months ago
Hey I’m learning how to play my paino, babygirl playing thotaina, you a player but you playing thothinan, you saying you not daddy she saying she not the mama...know my numbers I know all about the commas, you know all about McDonald’s at the sleep over my rap in my pajamas, get the bag then get jet lag in the Bahamas, let my bust it down for you thotaina, stunning like my daddy and acting like my mama, faster than you yo sis and yo aunties mama, he slow cuz on syrup and not aunt jemaina...I got lip gloss from Rhiana, about to put my own lip gloss by rhinana, on my playlist got Cardi got gunna, in Orlando with the magic but I am not can’t copy me you can’t match it, I’m royalty with aHey lil a ratchet, going off on everybody beat is a habit, not 21 but I’ve done a lot like the Savage, tricks are For kids silly rabbit can’t fool me I want greens not cabbage, Easter bout to come gotta fill up my basket, a tisket a tasket...a ticket on my wrist when I flash it.. Ella Fitzgerald but I swagged it...yeah I’m the best I’m classic , yeh to the money I’m a magnet yeah slay Gang on that jacket, my buns they jacked it..they love my steez lettem have it..I’m the one so show wheres another one, every new one makes’em listen to other ones, riding front seat got it popping, my live show is even mo popping, drip like I’m mopping, parents wanna do some kid swooping, in Htown that’s called bopping, yeah bust it down while I’m shopping yeah, then hit the skating ring lock in yeah...see Johnny Lit the match but the match went out, but all the lil girls wanna copy my style, I’m in art class tryin to help yo child, not to glue eyelashes and draw eyebrows I’m from the H where it goes down we going up yeah up in the clouds Daddy lion king in the up in the house, watch Lil Laylay pounce on a mouse...told you that I’m heaven sent that’s in past this present tense, vote me we don’t know where that heffas been, yeah that girl lay for your president


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