The Incredible Japanese Prison Break

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Published: 2 weeks ago
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[The Incredible Japanese Prison Break]

Aomori, Japan. 1936. Prisoner Yoshie Shiratori had had enough.

He was forced to confess to a murder he did not commit, falsely imprisoned in Aomori Prison, beaten and tortured every night by prison guards, and, now worse, prosecutors were seeking the death penalty. In his mind, it was time to go; but Aomori Prison wasn’t the easiest to escape.

Regardless, Yoshie Shiratori had nothing to lose, and so at 5:30 am he made his move. He knew there would be a 15 minute gap in the patrol time as he had studied the guards’ routine for months; and when the coast was clear, he pulled out a metal wire (which he had smuggled in from the bathhouse) and started to pick the lock. (This was originally the metal support ring that was wrapped around the bathing buckets inmates used to wash themselves).

His hands were stiff from the wintry cold, but after a few minutes of picking, he had success, and his cell door swung open. But he wasn’t out of the woods yet, because there were more locked doors ahead. He knew he only had a few minutes left before the guards would return, and so he wasted no time attempting to pick his way through the remaining security doors.

Now fortunately for him, he was able to make it out of the facility, but the bad news was that he was only halfway to freedom. You see, he was still well within the search perimeter, which meant at any moment the alarm could go off and he’d still be caught.

At 5:45am the guards returned, peering into his cell; and this is what they saw - Shiratori sound asleep in his futon bed. ...


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Fun Fact: The prison that Yoshie Shiratori ended up in at the end (Fuchu Prison) is the same prison that was referenced in the 300 Million Yen robbery that I covered in my previous video 'The Greatest Bank Heist in Japanese History'. This Japanese heist took place in 1968, which is 7 years after Shiratori was released from prison.

2 weeks ago

More prison escapes

10 hours ago

@Siti Loko See, that's more like it.

14 hours ago

an official member of the avengers

1 day ago

Shut up your embarrassing yourself

1 day ago

@William Smith Oh the Americans did a favor for the world? That is BULLSH*T, man! American Government has brainwashed my people and made my kind of countries a hell. In fact, American citizens themselves don't know what their government is doing to the rest of the world.

1 day ago

Guards : Lock him in put him in handcuffs.

Shiratori : Aaah shit here we go again! 🤭

8 minutes ago

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15 minutes ago


Shiratori : Arghh shit. Here we go again!

15 minutes ago


18 minutes ago

12:30 he rusted the hand cuffs and the experts who used to remove those cuffs every week had not noted this rust?

29 minutes ago

It's funny how he smoothly mentioned the ad😂

45 minutes ago

Kento: "Kobayashi—"
Who are Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid fans here?

52 minutes ago

Mogoo bean

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58 minutes ago

So uh... I thought the miso soup froze?

1 hour ago

He has to be a stand user

1 hour ago

Someone make an anime about this man, he's literally that anime protagonist that is secretly also a genius scientist, and a amazing at holding their breath, and dislocate ALL HIS JOINTS, and has infinite hope in the face of impossible despair

1 hour ago

Police : This prison is unescapeable
Shiratori : SOUP TIME

1 hour ago

Finally, after a week in my recommendation, i finally watched this video. What are tryna tell me YouTube??

1 hour ago

people actually believe these bullshit stories LMAOOOOO

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

The first super soldier

1 hour ago

Sapporo prison:-

Shiratatori:-imma end this prison's career

1 hour ago

no way.. no fucking way

2 hours ago

“Nobody has ever escaped this prison”

Shiratori: “aight it’s been fun imma head out”

2 hours ago

El chapo has joined the chat

2 hours ago

I might try some of these escapes just in case I get in prison for my stupidity

2 hours ago

they should make an anime out of this

2 hours ago


Shiratori: aight imma head out

2 hours ago

made an anime about him

2 hours ago

That was a smooth transition to ads xd

2 hours ago


1 hour ago

I dropped down here to say that too! It was probably the smoothest one I've ever seen on youtube.

2 hours ago

Fine youtube I watched it happy.

2 hours ago

FINE youtube. i finally watched it.

2 hours ago

And to think... not abusing him and horribly violating his basic human rights was all it took to keep him in prison.

2 hours ago