Speedrun Cheater Goes Too Far...

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Published: 3 months ago
In this video I somehow expose CaveiraGames more than he exposes himself.


Spreadsheet proving the first run is cheated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vheZaXkkcyKdSOl1GncYr-DTA9P8nnOOiOchp6_eUG8/edit?usp=sharing

Spreadsheet proving the second run is cheated:

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Videos used:


The SWEETEST feeling in poker - win with 7-2! (seven deuce compilation)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories in 1:24:36 [Commentated]


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"Caveira has been removed off YouTube, and I am officially done with all this nonsense. This is hopefully the final tweet on the whole situation. I'm going to move on now. My laptop is fixed, so back to making speedrunning content! Thank you all again for your support." https://twitter.com/EZScapeYT/status/1155147306515271680

2 months ago

Fuck that sneaky Brazilian woman

5 hours ago

Ladies and gentleman, we got 'em.

3 days ago

He created a new account

4 days ago

Dude, i think im the 15kth like. Like, it was 14k before i liked, and when i did like, it changed to 15k. Okay, i just realized im stupid. 😐

1 week ago

Caveira needs to stop

1 week ago

This is the first video that i wanted to turn my adblock off on, thank you EZ.

1 hour ago

Being weird isn’t always unique

3 hours ago

this moron is one of the funniest people on earth, I don't relent in that opinion even though he is obviously morally corrupt

4 hours ago

"So to help him get back up, I loaded this video with ads and will give a portion of earnings to him."

Me: has YouTube red oops

5 hours ago

This is Keemstars dad

6 hours ago

This man is a sick fuck.

7 hours ago

What a scum bag

8 hours ago

Poor GFC :(

10 hours ago

Caveira: uses card that claims ezscapes for invading his privacy

Ez:*summons the 6 legal reasons for caveira to be deleted from youtube* EXODIA OBLITERATE

12 hours ago

Are you related to Mr.Beast?

14 hours ago

This man's backup channel is up but barely anyone visit. Well done EZ for exposing this cheater and also general bad man.

17 hours ago

Wtf is yugioh

19 hours ago

As a Brazilian gamer I really feel ashamed for everything that happened, my sincere apologies.

1 day ago

He’s probably going to strike this vid

1 day ago

O CAVEIRA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

1 day ago

Woah there Mr.Beast

1 day ago

Yo, this man looks like mr.beast

2 days ago

Damn... ur kinda oddly obsessed with this guy..🤔

2 days ago

Only a douchey shithead would show his nasty ass on camera that much. After sexually harassing an underaged girl too. And holy shit his entire family are sick freaks.

And of course he does that douchey little Capoera dance... AKA dancing like a fairy for 5 minutes just so someone with a real martial art can lay you out.

2 days ago

Ez, your channel is awesome!

2 days ago

Cavera is back on YouTube. Darn it. He has a back up.

2 days ago

Who else doesn’t care about Yu-Gi-Oh, but still absolutely hates this guy?

2 days ago

I like Yu-Gi-Oh it's just not my favorite thing in the world

8 hours ago

Atomax yes

13 hours ago

Flashes Ass? He's gay.

2 days ago

Me:just clicked the video😂

Also me:guyssss lets take that guy's stream account downnn just for my own 😂satisfaction!!!!

2 days ago

Good job on killing him

3 days ago

This dude sounds like that one person who decides taking a large dump on a table is a good idea and then they blame it on their friend

3 days ago

u look like mrbeast

3 days ago

We all need to raid caveiras stream and just let him feel what it’s like

3 days ago

Esse cara é uma vergonha para o Brasil

3 days ago