KILL or KEEP: Game of Thrones Finale Challenge (React)

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Published: 1 week ago
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KILL or KEEP: Game of Thrones Finale Challenge (React)


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1 week ago

React to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan

6 days ago

Bruh, I knew that guy was going to say the Night King is going to be on the Iron Throne, lol.

1 week ago

Do it with Avengers Endgame

1 week ago

if daenerys dies i will too

33 minutes ago

Am I the only one who thinks the iron throne isn’t even gonna be there by the end of the show?

1 hour ago

Please make a react video at the end of the final of Game of Thrones (the reaction when people die in the serie) or a try not to cry.

2 hours ago

Tyrion survives
Bran survives
Brienne dies
The Night King dies
Jaime dies
Cersei dies(If not I am out lol)
Arya survives (idk I hope so)
Sansa dies (Not sure on that one but also she is kinda boring and I don't really like her)
Jon Snow will die(I don't know about this one )
Daenerys dies (almost sure lol)

3 hours ago

arya for the throne? wtf

4 hours ago

Gendry for the Iron throne

4 hours ago

0:34 has the same energy of the CHOCOLATE guy from Spongebob

5 hours ago

Tyrion - survive
Bran - survive
Brienne - die
The Night King - die
Jaime - honestly very hard to say... but still more likely survive
Cersei - die
Arya - survive
Sansa - more likely die
Jon Snow - I honestly don't know there could be anything
Daenerys - die...

On throne definetly not Daenerys

5 hours ago

Sansa for iron throne 🤮

5 hours ago

I think its the same ending like "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"

Police comes and they get arrested ^^

6 hours ago

Wow I’m not the only Gendry will be King supporter!!! Gendry Baratheon the true heir !

6 hours ago

I watch the whole series and the first episode of season 8 in 6 days and I haven't sleep

7 hours ago

I have Tyrion or Sansa for Queen

8 hours ago

Jon is gonna die for sure

8 hours ago

Gendry or Sansa will take the throne

10 hours ago

I don’t think Arya will be on the throne, she has already expressed how she doesn’t want to be royal or a lady, and I don’t think it would be as satisfactory as people think, having her be a guard or her doing her own thing would be more in tuned with her character. I just really can’t see her going through all she has, along with how she was as a child up until now, just to become a queen.

11 hours ago

Well as long as she lives she can be whatever 😂

5 hours ago

Jons gonna die and dany's taking the Iron throne

13 hours ago

Jaime's storyline gives me all the feels

13 hours ago

Podrick’s sitting on the throne

14 hours ago

Honestly, Sansa has one of the saddest stories in GoT

14 hours ago

I think Jon is going to be the king of the iron throne because he is the prophecy the literal fusion of fire and ice

15 hours ago

6:40 I lost it😂😂

17 hours ago

subcribe to fesnued games i am is brother

18 hours ago

Yay I'm here to spoil myself the entire series

20 hours ago

Amount of people who think that Tyrion is gonna live and Jaime will die is hilarious. If one Lannister is gonna make it, it's Jaime. But he will loose Tyrion, Brienne and Cersei.

20 hours ago

danny is the QUEEN baby😍❤

20 hours ago

If the mother of dragons dies I will die too

23 hours ago

Been through so much

23 hours ago

Ethan call me 👀

23 hours ago