Juiced Up - The Consequences of Steroids: SWOLE Ep. 3

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Published: 1 year ago
Over the better part of this century, bodybuilders have increased the natural performance of their bodies by using artificial substances. In episode 3 of Swole, we talk to a medical expert about the consequences from the use of anabolic steroids while following the daily routine of Mike Bolkovic, a bodybuilder who’s been injecting testosterone for the past eight years. Mike shares with us how the drug impacted his lifestyle and personal relationships.

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Steroids might take you to the "next level," but even the most ardent users recognize there are often debilitating side-effects.

Watch the entire SWOLE series here: http://bit.ly/2sDHwvB

1 year ago

+steveleamont well you still look a good 45yo. You may feel 25 but unless you're on human growth hormone you're kidding yourself.

6 days ago

+poida right? He's soft, bloated the arms are not balanced. Looks like a pro wrestler, not a bodybuilder.

6 days ago

I can help all men who want to boost their performance..🌹

1 week ago

When you consider the amount of massive users of steroids in sports, wresting, body building etc and the same amount of "POSSIBLY" associated deaths from say cancer (I HAVE NOT SEEN ANY ACTUAL RESEARCH TO PROVE THIS CLAIM) its a very small chance even with the super users!

See tendon rupture in people lifting heaps of heavy weights every day! WOW that must the X NOT THE BIG FRICKING HEAVY WEIGHTS!

Proven totally unassociated with prostate cancer, (LOW TESTOSTERONE IS ASSOCIATED WITH IT) It does speed up P cancer if you have it!

Slightly thickens the blood (Nothing many other bad things such as DIET YOU OBESE AMERICANS OR EVEN CHUBBY ONES) . Take a mini asprin a day!

On the other hand growth hormone is really bad!

1 week ago

+Astro AquanautAquanaut, Getting your hormone levels back is different than having your testosterone levels 6 times higher than normal. Having your nuts shrink to the size of marbles isn't natural.

1 week ago

Bodybuilding for 14 years and you look like shit still

41 minutes ago

Lol the bodybuilding industry will never get a fair critique because of all the bullshit theories surrounding it plus all of the dumbasses that think they're real bodybuilders when theyre just juice heads

2 hours ago

This video should be a lesson to all the idiots who are thinking of taking steroids. These a-holes on the video can't even breath and are suffocating on the cellular level because their cardiovascular system is shot. Their cells starve of oxygen because lungs can't process it at the capacity based on their size and mass.

4 hours ago

The lifestyle of small balls...

4 hours ago

I don't get these guys that go for huge size versus good size and aesthetic.

4 hours ago

Lol this guys are funny, they are using shit and they don't even look like bodybuilders. What waste of money.

8 hours ago

Great video....very informative. Thanks for posting.

10 hours ago

Dr Messer needs to use conditioner...her hair is pretty dry looking.

10 hours ago

Bolkovicu iglo

10 hours ago

what a bunch of fucking idiots!

12 hours ago

Unless you're going to compete steroids is a no no!

13 hours ago

He is very muscular but he isnt well defined, hes got it but he doesnt have abs.

14 hours ago

Big muscles...small heart...wont see 50

14 hours ago

All that steroids an still small

14 hours ago

I think people who resort to those kinds of drug methods are insecure inside and they need to boost their ego to over the top levels so they can feel happy, good luck with that, you're still not bulletproof!

15 hours ago

Goofy fuckin drug addicts.

16 hours ago

They all have small weewee

18 hours ago

The only people I recommend to take testosterone are liberal men and SJW cucks so there feminine side will gradually decrease

19 hours ago

Crazy what some idiots will do to their bodies just to look more beefed up. Vanity really is a great sin.

19 hours ago

I lost a awesome cousin to a heart attack from steroids. He looked good, but 38 is too young 😥

21 hours ago

I don't trust any doctor who can't hang their diplomas/certificates straight on the wall

1 day ago

Once your body detects synthetic testosterone it shuts down the natural production and your balls become useless. All that so you can have big shoulders and lift more. I saw a youtube of Ronny Coleman the other day. The guy looks absolutely horrible and now walks with a cane.

1 day ago

He's a bouncer? A nerd that can say the alphabet in one breath will roll this dude. All he would be able to do is grab you.

1 day ago

Proud juice heads😂😂

1 day ago

So much insecurity in all this men

1 day ago

The health problems they are going to have is bad!! Stay off that shit!!!

1 day ago

I’ll never understand why people do this to themselves, just asking for a short life.

1 day ago

It can be a lifestyle till you have a heart attack and die

1 day ago

This shit is easily achievable in 3-5 years with a calorie surplus diet. 8 years on steroids and 14 years of lifting?

1 day ago