Dellen Garcia 3 Year Natural Transformation

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Published: 10 months ago
I know i have been off youtube for a bit, but ive been busy with training and getting myself prepared in the Marines. this is a well over due video but its finally time to get back into it. This video shows you my whole story, from when i was a kid to now. Im going to get back into youtube and showing you guys how the military is, marine corps is and how you can start if you want too, tips and stuff. hope you all enjoyed this video and got some motivation!



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HOLY SHIT 200k views. I did not expect for this video to blow up like this. I am so astonished by the support you all have been giving me. thank you all so so very much from the bottom of my heart. I've been reading all of the comments and you ALL have been putting a smile on my face and making me feel amazing that I helped either motivate you and or inspired you. Thank you! I'm currently working on a detailed nutritional video from a high demand of a lot of you. Going about what I did and ate to lose 100+ pounds. Diets, meals plans, and workout routines. Follow my Instagram for updates!

5 months ago

200k hahahaha right now is more then 14kk hahahah

1 day ago

what doyou mean 200 k 4.4mil+ well done

4 months ago

As a future marine and fitness enthusiast this motivated the shit outta me

4 months ago


4 months ago

You're really inspirational bro, stay positive, congratulations, and keep loving who you are 🖤✌🏾

4 months ago

Jabaw little saggy skin

1 minute ago

Consistency and dedication gives you results. Awesome job man!

3 minutes ago

Imagina tomar um murro de uma cara desses

37 minutes ago

Watching by eating a hamburger

1 hour ago

mad respect bro

2 hours ago

Brotha count me in cause I'm next.....

2 hours ago

steroid ?

3 hours ago


3 hours ago

very inspiring video but im at a age in which i dont kno if i can do the same as he can 😒

4 hours ago


5 hours ago

So cool.

7 hours ago

You have my respect dude, you are really amazing 👍

7 hours ago

Congratulations bro.
You called me forth I cried to watch this story...
The next month I will start to do exercises....
Im chubby but you call me forth.
Regards from Nicaragua

7 hours ago

Can't lie your video gave me boku inspiration bro , actually tried out the army but failed the P.T test while I was in and came back to just having my own place moving my money around eat 1 meal a day having a hard time the past few months but on January 25th I'm able to start the process again for me to go back in the i should gotten a gym membership a while back but just kept making excuses tbh but later today ima go get some shoes that I desperately need and go sign up for a membership , but I do have a problem with one thing my weight is around 165LB I have a "belly" with small arms with "big thighs" and legs any tips would greatly be wanted

8 hours ago

Haven't played wow since lvl.80 was the game cap! It was the bomb!

9 hours ago


9 hours ago

I don't know how I stumbled on this video but firstly Id like to congratulate you on changing your life. I can relate to your story except I was bullied and teased a lot and my magic figure was 102 kilos at 16 years. Im 42 now at 72 kilos and the best shape of my life thank God. Stay fit and wishing you all the best !!

11 hours ago

Tạo động lực hẳn

11 hours ago

Insane shoulders man

13 hours ago

Conclusion : u can loose weight in 11 minutes

15 hours ago

Lol are names are kinda alike yours is Dellen Garcia and my name is Delilah Garcia

16 hours ago

Another video from the recommended section

17 hours ago

Incredible! Thank you for sharing your story that was really inspiring.

17 hours ago

Wow you are awesome man!

17 hours ago

Quedaste mamadisimo! Jajaja💕

17 hours ago

I did same think cant see my dik. Mad 💪💪💪

17 hours ago


18 hours ago

Congratulations bruh you just motivated me, I am a tall and very skinny guy and is time to make a change

18 hours ago

Shiii, I still have time to lose my weight and not have much skin hanging🤧fuck

18 hours ago