Turning Seashells Into Glass (Debunking Viral Videos)

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Published: 6 days ago
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Today we're testing a viral video that claims dipping sea shells in vinegar over night will turn them to glass. We're testing that out along with a few other acids.

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I think you mean alchaline

23 minutes ago

Now make a seashell knife

1 hour ago

10:36 doctors would love your veins mate.

2 hours ago

Girl is annoying af

6 hours ago


6 hours ago

Why are you guys angry at Grant's picture on the wall? It their family member why cant they have a picture of him up??

6 hours ago

Hey !! i wanted to see them melt . Why didn't you leave them for more time with the led on ?

8 hours ago

What happens if you fill your hole deep fryer up with the stuff that is in glow sticks and see what happens :)

9 hours ago

They should have warned us there was sea shells harmed in this video 😂😢😭😭😭😭

13 hours ago

No seashells were harmed during the making of this video.
(they took off their shirt and are now in their sweatshirt)

49 minutes ago

The base doesn't react with the shells because carbonate is a base.

14 hours ago

They fixed the solution to plastic pollution. I had similar ideas with a shop shell since plastic is a non decomposed matter, But I think since shrimp shells are organic matter it would decompose over a period of time. So their is no way that it could become to much

15 hours ago

If you mix the lime in with volcanic ash and pebbles you will get Roman concrete

15 hours ago

You already know the shells will be dissolved b some of the acids, so why keep on with it?

17 hours ago

I am the son of the man who owns this account and I am left handed!!!

18 hours ago

Mmm acid 😋

19 hours ago

Sees Grant’s picture on the wall

Everyone liked that

20 hours ago

You should figure out if you can, and how to make a clear seashell

20 hours ago

10:40 Grants picture

21 hours ago

you guys should put them in Lysergic acid diethylamide

22 hours ago

Thanks for putting grants picture on the wall like it helped....

1 day ago

me comin in after watching Dr.Stone

1 day ago

Too much talk.

1 day ago

When I saw Grant's picture on the wall I was so happy that I almost dropped my phone!

Thank you so much

1 day ago

This feels too much like mythbusters and less about making random cool stuff

1 day ago

@Michael Persico I didnt see that video. Makes sense now.

13 hours ago

they're going off comments of the viewers for ideas.....thes debunking things are like top on the suggestions list. They mentioned it on the ramen vid

15 hours ago

10 minute fu*ck

1 day ago

Is can seashell into gun powder?

1 day ago

Did you use those freaking acids, without using a mask ?

1 day ago

Love the picture on the wall

1 day ago

What happens when you mix sulfuric, nitric and muriatic acids together? Do dissolve each other or what?

1 day ago

Hermit crabs in africa could've use those shells

1 day ago