20 Lazy Girl Hacks / Weird Life Hacks That Work Great

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Do you've friends who consider you lazy? They're just jealous of your bioenergy saving skills and the ability to non-strain more than the required least! And so that you can further improve your sloth skills, we've prepared 20 lazy girl hacks!

• Processed cheese
• Vegetable mix
• Sausage
• Microwave
• Wet wipes
• Double sided scotch tape
• Hot gun
• Balloons
• Padding polyester
• Cap
• Scraper
• Elastic band
• Lemon
• Water
• Sugar
• Cream
• Vegetable oil
• Honey
• Polyethylene gloves
• Butter
• Milk
• Scales
• Phone
• Eggs
• Construction set
• Belt
• Glass
• Coca-Cola
• Chips
• Crackers
• Stickers
• Hair dryer
• Clothes dryer
• Pumice
• Apples

Tobu - Natural High

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Troom Troom SELECT Q

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Why do you sleap on sofa

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I love it😆

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I woke up

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Joelis no one cares about what public thinks

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I always use my feet

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You did great better than me in this video

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I will even open the door with my legs

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Hay I love your video

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Hello map ya soalnya aku tidak bisa bahasa Inggris ay men is Dhini

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You know what I think this is a great idea 💡 Thank you 😊

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i thougt it was my mam 😂😂😂

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Click baiters not hating just saying

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I saw the thumbnail, so I tried shaving my skin off. I’m now in the hospital. I’m unsubbing.

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Who boils milk?

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so girls need to learn to care for their self? maybe you should care about what you'r doing with your life.

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Why is she dancing after wearing food bolt

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Dilbar dilbar.....i love this song... Really 🤔🤔🤔

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I love you troom troom I can't stop watching you I watch you everyday

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My switch board is above my shoulder... 😚 my leg is too short to reach it!

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How to get a free cookie:
I asked my bestfriend to come to my house so i can talk to her about something 'Important' once she comes to my house and knocks on my door i let her in then started fake crying saying MY CAT IS MISSING she freaks out and tries to make me stop crying 😂😂 then she asked for me to stop crying but i didnt then she said Ill get you chocolate i said no..then i said cookie! and then we went down to the shop to buy me a packet of 6 cookies :) yep after i ate them i told her it was a prank and now i owe her a packet of 6 cookies 😂😂

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i dont need a alarm clock becas i dont need eny alarm i need a brain i wake up at the
right time

2 days ago

Arent most of theese more work than just doing the non lazy option?

2 days ago

I no how to do this

2 days ago

is there anyone who watches these kind of videos but actually never does them??
=) i think its only me!!!

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