KAPAL BHATI- CLEANSING YOUR BODY(षट्कर्म)-शुद्धि क्रिया

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Published: 1851 days
Kapalbhati is a breathing exercise i.e. one of the six SHATKARMA Kriya (Body Cleansing technique). Some Yog Sadhaks consider it as a Pranayam.
"Kapal" means Head/ Skull and "bhati" means shining. In this process, the organs under the skull mainly the brain and the small brain are influenced in a good manner.
In shatkarma Kaplabhati used to throughout toxins from Kapal(Head) and simultaneously from Lungs and stomach.

IT Cleans your body by removing toxins and CO2 and helpful in Kundlini Jagran.
Helpful in disorders of Respiration and Digestive System.

Do not practice in case of Pregnancy, Hernia, Peptic Ulcer and if surgery done in last 6 months.
In case of Heart Troubles, lung troubles, Hypertension and High BP ,Practice under supervision of Expert.


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