The History of Rainbow Road World Records

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Published: 2 weeks ago
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My apologies to people who are sick of seeing Mario Kart videos from my channel, but I really enjoy making them. They're pretty easy to work with since I already have a decent amount of knowledge on the series. I probably won't do another one for a while, but I just wanted to let you all know why you've seen so many in the last year or so.

This video was quite the project! I started it nearly 4 months ago, and it's really crazy how many people were able to help. I really appreciate all of you who did- you can see who they are in the intro of the video. The Mario Kart community is extremely helpful, and there's no way I'd have been able to make this without them. It was funny looking back at the start of this video in this last week I was finishing it up. The stuff from Super Mario Kart was finished all the way back in March/April, while Mario Kart 8 was just finished earlier today.

Thanks so much for watching and supporting me! I can't wait to make more videos, and can't believe how far this channel has come.

2 weeks ago

Summoning Salt I love all of your videos, that’s what makes this channel so special. I’ll look through your channel, see a video on a game I’ve never heard of, and love it. I think that’s how most people feel about your videos. Personally, Mario kart wii is my favorite game, but I think people that don’t like mk would still enjoy the video. I’m not trying to speak for everyone and say that we want more Mario kart, although I do. I’m just saying that no matter what you make I think everyone will love the video.

1 week ago

I strive for this kind of content, keep it up!

1 week ago

I'm fine with it :)

1 week ago

I'm just dying for content, pump out whatever my guy.

1 week ago

Your videos are fucking awesome I love them all, each one has its own depth and new information in it, who cares if it's on the same game you keep doing what you want!

1 week ago

If 2004 and 2005 is ”the mid 2000” is 2008& 2009 ”the late 2000”

38 seconds ago

This is insanely cool, keep up the good work!

2 hours ago

RIP all the Bob's in sports

2 hours ago

Mario kart wii is my favorite so far because I haven’t really played double dash.

5 hours ago

How does he make these interesting.
I don’t get it, these videos should be boring but he makes them so good and I can’t stop watching.

6 hours ago

Does anyone know what the Intro song is?

14 hours ago

Love these mini documentaries

14 hours ago

@Summoning Salt There's a big skip on Mario Kart 64's rainbow road. Agdq speed runner had terrible rng and smoked the wr shown in this video.

15 hours ago

Great video, this was an awesome trip down memory lane with mkds! I think it's safe to say my rail glitch was the most difficult unnecessary strat of the whole series lol. Shoutouts to Nyko, G-danzee, and Topspin who also had great wrs on mkds rr, and MKDasher is a legend! Also, I like how MKDasher's DS video quality is the best of all the games.

15 hours ago

Love the retro music in the beginning

17 hours ago

Love the vids man keep em coming

19 hours ago

How the fuck did I get here

21 hours ago

Update the video now

21 hours ago

32:21 ... I see someone is a fan of Jon Bois's work in the "Chart Party" series at SB Nation :)

22 hours ago


23 hours ago

Mario Kart videos. The only videos I see from this channel, no matter how long it is

23 hours ago

whats the song in the inro called?

1 day ago

Thanks alot for the video. I'm 30 now and watching this video made me realize that I miss mario kart.

1 day ago

Which game/games did you play?

10 hours ago

I loved this video so much. Thank you!

1 day ago

Dude that Jon Bois reference at 32:22 is godly

1 day ago

Man i just don’t know why but I loooove your videos so much ist kinda sad that there aren’t too many but I understand it probably a looot of work but keep it up 🙏

1 day ago

Omg ștefan vD

1 day ago


1 day ago

I love the SB nation reference.

1 day ago

What is the music in the beginning? Couldn't find this episode in your music file.

1 day ago

do an 'Ori and the blind forest' please :)

1 day ago

Summoning Salt: *makes a video about something random*
Also Summoning Salt: *can hook people with said video*

1 day ago

cool but what about mk7's SNES rainbow road WR. I'd like to see the progression on that! Same with MK8's N64 rainbow road and SNES rainbow road.

1 day ago

whats the song at the begining?

1 day ago