Marisnick collides with Lucroy at the plate, a breakdown

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Published: 1 week ago

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Petition to rename the Minute Maid Park train "The Marisnick"

22 minutes ago

So im just gonna say he really just speared him

33 minutes ago

1:57 Both Marisnick and Lucroy made a split second decision to move to the inside line at the same time, Marisnick to try and get around the tag and Lucroy just to get the ball because it was slightly umderthrown. Marisnicks last step and the way his body turns suggests he was trying to shift back to the outside to avoid contact as much as possible. Just a freak accident.

44 minutes ago

Thats a run. Stop being a baby. "Rules" like that help make baseball boring

2 hours ago

Oh my gosh these injuries are brutal. 😰😥😭 Gosh I hope they are both ok the hell. 🙊

2 hours ago


3 hours ago


5 hours ago

You are by far my favorite YouTuber now! Subscribed 6 months or so back and it’s been a hell of a ride so far! Keep up the awesome work. Btw, I’m a Yanks fan too.

7 hours ago

I took charges as a catcher in little league. It's a part of the game that should have stayed in the game, then no one would complain about this. If you're going to hold the line as a catcher, then you have to be ready to take the charge. Period. Nothing wrong here, just one guy beat the other guy. It only looks bad because the guy who lost the charge got KO'ed, which hardly ever happens. Other than that and it's a routine play.

10 hours ago

You’d have to be half retarded to think that this was intentional. Shit happens.

10 hours ago

Hes Practically scrambling to the catcher after the contact. A person who didn't give a shit doesn't immediately rush to the aid of other people.

11 hours ago

I thought Keanu Reeves was about to kill 17297900 people for killing the catcher in the thumbnail 😂

11 hours ago

The rules state "a runner may not run out of a direct line to the plate in order to initiate contact with the catcher". Marisnick clearly ran out of a direct line to the plate. The rule also states "a catcher may not block the pathway of a runner trying to score unless he has possession of the ball." Lucroy followed that rule to a "T". Its hard to debate another person's intent, but according the rules, Marisnick's slide was illegal. In terms of it being a dirty play, I'd also agree with that. At 0:11, he was still running outside the chalk line with Lucroy already set up inside the plate. There's no way Marisnick sees that play and thinks its going to the outside. He knew where the ball was coming from. At 0:12, he dramatically changes direction to the inside right towards Lucroy. And to finish it off, he leads by lowering his left shoulder. Sorry, maybe he didn't intentionally want to hurt Lucroy, but that play was intentional.

14 hours ago

That’s how to play the game.

16 hours ago

Get up fag

17 hours ago

I've been saying for years that the catcher should not be able to block the plate, period.

18 hours ago

Marisnick technically did it on purpose because he was running at top speed into an exposed catcher, regardless if he was trying to make a split second decision to go the other way. He knew he was going to collide with him but what he didn't know is he would hurt him that badly.

18 hours ago

Ppl always talk about concussion's and CTE in the NFL and football in general, but the same thing could happen to you in baseball, soccer, rugby, hockey, basketball or any sport where a collision or physical impact is made to the head.

21 hours ago

Wtf do you mean it's not a part of baseball...I played D-1 and AA BALL for the reds in the early 2000's... If the catcher tried to block your running Lane you fuck him up... It's the catchers choice not the runners

1 day ago

I thought plate blocking is illegal after the buster posey incident.

1 day ago

Dirty player not an accident you should be removed from the league and lose all endorsements

1 day ago

Clearly wasn’t intentional, look at the runners ankle. If he had any ill will he wouldn’t have tried slowing down

1 day ago

How ever many games lucroy misses the dirty scumbag should have to sit as many

1 day ago

Welcome to football lol

1 day ago

Pretty impressive that he held on to the ball and got the out!

1 day ago

So they called him out for the contact? When I watched it again it looked more like he intentionally hit him.

7 hours ago

He didn't hold onto the ball.

8 hours ago

Just glad he was able to get up after

1 day ago

Lol do you do the Chicago Cubs or da bears ever?

1 day ago

He’s a dick. Go angels. Go lucroy

1 day ago

Can you please do the follow up to this where Marisnick got beaned high?

1 day ago

Gawd almigthy that killed him

1 day ago