Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs iPhone 11 Pro Max - Which one is BETTER?

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Published: 6 days ago
In this video, we will do a comparison between the iPhone 11 Pro Max vs the Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

iPhone 11 was just announced, and I would like to give you a preliminary analysis before the full comparison video.

So, let's dive in and compare the iPhone 11 Pro Max vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

In this video, we are using a dummy model of the iPhone 11.

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What's are the producers of iPhone thinking

2 hours ago

I love this joke

2 hours ago

I’ve been an on and off apple user since 2013. I normally always go back to apple because like most I love iOS, and the distinct look of the iPhone, but I’m getting to the point where it’s not enough. I HATE the way the new iPhones look, like what’s with the big bulge of cameras in the back? That’s so unnecessary. And I get so tired of paying for iCloud and Apple Music when Samsung has this stuff for free (at least I think so). And on top of that I bought the Xs max recently and I loved it at first but not after it got scratched to hell so easily. And to top it off the heaviness and overheating is just really annoying. I loved my 7 plus but soon it’ll be outdated. Considering going back to Samsung again lol.

4 hours ago

I Came here to watch the Review SMH 🤦🏽‍♂️. I’ll Come Back when you get the Real Iphone 11 pro

6 hours ago

Can you take a deeper look into Bixby? I found this video and would like your take on it

6 hours ago

Just switched to note 10 plus. Apple huge disappointment!!!!!!

7 hours ago

cant said apple are huge disappointment. when you use note 10+ in public and the person use iphone 11 pro max beside you. he/she will feel proud of their smartphone. why!!! because it cost more than note 10+ 512gb

2 hours ago

Apple fans finna start flexing there XDR while I'm here with my note 9 that OLED infinity display which is the same exact shit as XDR and I already apple nerds finna get my neck for comment and start talking about the display and specs of the iphone 11 pro max being far more superior then the note 10+ sure apple has better specs I agree but apple be buying Samsungs screen because a multimillion dollar or multibillion company cant make there own fucking screen like the fuck apple is shit besides the specs apple is just shit

8 hours ago

I got a samsung 10+ glad I picked this over Iphone11

8 hours ago

This vid is kind of ridiculous that visually you are comparing the Note 10+ to a demo non-functioning model of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. You did 3 separate videos for 3 different Samsung phones with this model. Really click-baity.

10 hours ago

Hell no iPhone from the back looks way better than the note 10 str8 up !!

11 hours ago

note 10+ is the winner.

12 hours ago

I own a note 10+, my wife is an apple girl but even she is tempted to upgrade to a note. She was telling me that the design fells lazy and to much money for so little upgrade.

13 hours ago

Which phone will be your main daily driver? I'm torn between the two lol. I love the Note Series and iPhones lol.

15 hours ago

Galaxy note10 plus

17 hours ago


17 hours ago

So which phone should i buy, can you guy recommend for me please.

18 hours ago

If Tim Coke ran Samsung they would call it the Note 10 Plus Pro Max Supreme.

19 hours ago

Samsung lover hit like I m happy that I'm writing this with my note10 plus

20 hours ago

Make a video of A50 vs iphone 11 A50 is the best

21 hours ago

note 10 is best

21 hours ago

I'd rather have a better looking screen with more base storage than a faster phone with better cameras

23 hours ago

Samsung has ALWAYS been far better and more advanced than iPhone

23 hours ago

Note 10 plus is the best

23 hours ago

i will get the iphone.. because i can afford it. period

1 day ago

Why you didn't turn it on the iPhone11?

1 day ago

Always been a samsung lover. Apple is a joke smh !!!!

1 day ago

Samsung still suck the security system sucks u can unlock with your pic n unlocked fiiger print with 3d pic

1 day ago

I’m not trying to hate on Samsung but man do I love my iPhone

1 day ago

iPhone is King sorry fire phome

1 day ago

Im with Samsung!!!!

1 day ago