My HONEST thoughts about Super Mario Maker 2.

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Published: 1 week ago
Super Mario Maker 2, SUPER MARIO MAKER 2, MARIO. FREAKING. MAKER. 2! ... is finally on Nintendo Switch and is easily one of the BEST games for the Switch, but it's not perfect. Super Mario Maker 2 is pretty freaking addicting though! SUBSCRIBE & HIT THAT BELL MAYBE! #mariomaker2 #supermariomaker #nintendoswitch

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MARIO MAKER 2 BABBBIEEE! Announcing the eshop gift card winners for my level (Y1K-G1K-YGG) on Twitter soon! Follow me @beatemupswood

Thanks to clone-me for 'somewhat' being in this video 👉

1 week ago

Ugh I don’t have Twitter

1 day ago

tj weaverling I think they ported Mario u to switch and not Mario 3d world since we have Mario odyssey

2 days ago

BeatEmUps I built a versus multiplayer lvl and tried to make it fair for everyone, check it out on T2D-KY5-1FF, it is very short and tried to make it as accessible as possible for all skill lvls.

4 days ago

I hope these long 10 minute bloody ads are worthit.

6 days ago

My biggest negative for Mario Maker 2 is the removed amiibo support. That imo was one of the cooler features of the first game and of the amiibos in general.

1 hour ago

I have no idea why we are still paying for online. Free services work better

9 hours ago

Where can we submit our levels to beatemups?

15 hours ago

So apparently I'm the only one who has had a good multiplayer experience.
Around 80% of my matches were lag free

21 hours ago

Mine wont download it says ut found corupted data

22 hours ago

Hi Wood, I noticed that in Your videos about Nintendo games, there is included sound and music from nintendo games. I also wanted to start creating a content on YT about Nintendo games. So I am wondering, is it permitted by Nintendo to use their games' sounds or music in YT videos ? I heard different opinions about that. Thanks for letting me know and keep recording Your great videos.

1 day ago


Literally no one:

Game: bill cosbi gave up

1 day ago

7:47 Whos german? 😂

1 day ago

Dachte ich mir auch ... abonniert Domtendo 😂😂😂

54 minutes ago


You said levels 41 times ;)

1 day ago

Mario 3D world is one of the most criminally underrated Mario games, and for me, sits among the very best of the 3D Mario games. the level design, difficulty, and music are all great. I would love to see it ported over...

1 day ago

RIP wierd shrooms. I can no longer play as a inkling in Mario.

1 day ago

OMG I noticed in the background you got the Mario cereal box Amiibo!!

1 day ago

Why isn’t anyone mentioning that we need a mario Odyssey theme...

1 day ago

Well not every tool was added. There are a lot of missing powerups and enemies from past games.

I hope they add in the rest down the line somehow.

1 day ago


1 day ago

i think im getting a switch for this and smash

1 day ago

43 times specifically BeatEmUPs said “Level” or “Levels”.

There’s your tally

1 day ago

Hi Wood. I'm a huge fan. I've seen all your youtube video's. I made a course for you on Super Mario Maker 2. It's my first one. I'd like to watch a video of you playing it. In the future I'll make more. Course ID T4F-F3K-6PF

2 days ago

I don’t really like how all of the weird things that made the original Super Mario Maker unique.

2 days ago

World building (with being able to mix and match your own stages with others downloaded online) is something I've thought of, which would be a great feature. Then you can collect similar themed or...what's the word, 'cater?'/filter content via ramping the difficulty from a set of stages. The content is there and staggering, but being able to filter and present your fav levels could add another element to the Maker level. It's almost a necessity when you have that level of content, but gaining reputation based on your catered levels would be enjoyable to all sides.

Better filter options and being able to watch other try your stages would be really cool, and could help in the process of creating better stages. The creativity and polish people make without it though is astounding

2 days ago

Splatoon's debut was also on WiiU

2 days ago

Sooo, is everyone just going to ignore the all-action adventure that is Astral Chain and which is out in 6 weeks?

2 days ago

No one can figure out my level. FQR-V61-QXG,

2 days ago

1:19 - Well, to be fair, Mario Kart 8 was actually huge for a Wii U game, selling nearly 9 million copies. That's more than twice of what Mario Maker 1 sold.

2 days ago

Hey check out my level! This is my first one! Y6t-tank-3ng
I love your channel!

2 days ago

Lmao at 3:27 I thought he got a haircut 😂 but no it was a different person

3 days ago

I want a switch

3 days ago

um night in the woods should be at sss tier odessey is average

3 days ago

7:48 Hat irgendwer Domi bemerkt? :D

3 days ago


38 minutes ago