I Used A SECRET VENT To Escape His Evil Restaurant.. (Roblox)

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Published: 1 week ago
I Used A SECRET VENT To Escape His Evil Restaurant.. Leave a LIKE for more ROBLOX VIDEOS and SUSBCRIBE for more Poke :D http://youtube.com/Pokediger1

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Employee only door: exists


1 week ago


3 hours ago

I love you pokedigger1

11 hours ago

So true OML XD!

21 hours ago

Of corse because he is very cool and making mysterious.

22 hours ago

Caleb Peters employee?

1 day ago

People called you Smart because you have tricks and plans for your enemies :)

3 hours ago

I friend him

4 hours ago

Told u

5 hours ago

If you said never to go there and you are so that’s not fare because last time you said never to go there so your a lier

6 hours ago

I was eating pizza while watching this vid.

7 hours ago

Poke add me please please

8 hours ago

Hey poke play another bluckburg

8 hours ago

Make this blue if you like poke and his banger vids!!!

9 hours ago

Why does he put mushrooms anyway they cost money :/ why doesn't poke reset and why would he build an escape thibgy

10 hours ago

Hey poke can u heart me plsss😃😭😭

12 hours ago

Someone should make a compilation of Zack saying, “Wha... Wha... Wha”

13 hours ago


13 hours ago


13 hours ago

Wew, that restaurant has no restrooms...
1 like: The restaurant must have a restroom

14 hours ago

Even tho it’s probably staged, your videos or dope

14 hours ago

wait but can't you just leave the game or reset sksksk

15 hours ago

Couldn’t you tp to your house

15 hours ago

I thought my earbuds were broken on the intro I was shook👁👅👁

16 hours ago


17 hours ago

Jack really needs help.

17 hours ago

You Can Reset Your Character

17 hours ago

Almost throws up ad plays 😂

17 hours ago

Why did he sound like a robot make this blue if you agree.

17 hours ago

By the way by it he means you

18 hours ago

Cool vid!

18 hours ago

Little does poke know, he didn't say num. 2

19 hours ago

No lie you kind of deservethis this to be trapped in there because well you didn’t ruin the guys life and business

19 hours ago

My man dumb he can leave the game or reset or tp home

19 hours ago

Bro don't order pizza

19 hours ago