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Published: 1 week ago
thnx for watching.

Outro Song: Josh A - FEARLESS


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Hi fearless if you ever see this I’m a big fan and I’m wondering what headset do you have you are my favourite YouTuber if you get back to me I will be so happy 😁👌have a nice day everyone

4 minutes ago

I assume most of us are watching this instead of staring at the black hole

4 minutes ago

Y don't u ever POST

8 minutes ago

This man said "mira mira, puta"
Little that day Fearless found out (puta) is a bad word number 74

14 minutes ago

Decent video if you are bored of the black hole

16 minutes ago

Not the same but now there are boats

19 minutes ago

Fortnite chapter 2 is coming on October 17

21 minutes ago

Rip Fortnite

21 minutes ago

Mack more posed I like his videos

23 minutes ago

Why did it say pictures of tyler blevins

24 minutes ago

Make a New vido

28 minutes ago

You da best

31 minutes ago

If fearless is the best youtuber (even though his upload schedule is trash)
👇Make this blue

31 minutes ago

By the way it’s a boy

32 minutes ago

You do pranks

32 minutes ago

BOI 1v1 NOW U WONT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

33 minutes ago

Today we are playing fortnite lol you said puta

36 minutes ago

You should do some apex Legends For now Until fortnite is up

38 minutes ago

Please more uploads fearless

41 minutes ago

Sub to my friend XeFy vortex

44 minutes ago

Bro make more up loads i get bored i watch every thing already plz 👌

45 minutes ago

Good video see you guys next month

48 minutes ago

Ooo fearless said Puto that bad word in mexico

48 minutes ago

pls sub to my channel

48 minutes ago

Like if fearless and Dakotaz have same voice.

49 minutes ago

Bruh he said bitch in Spanish 3:06 you do the translate

52 minutes ago

how do u save a name or did he mean another account?

53 minutes ago

Can u do a call of duty video again

55 minutes ago

upload more videos fearless pls

55 minutes ago

8:37 OHHH


56 minutes ago