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Published: 1 week ago
Coming Holiday 2020. The perfect balance of productivity and mobility. Surface Duo is a new dual-screen device that fits in your pocket. With two screens connected by a revolutionary 360° hinge, Surface Duo brings together the best of Microsoft and Android to reimagine productivity on the go.

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Who wants to buy this ....
But can't afford it 😅😅

4 minutes ago


23 minutes ago

Better than Samsung Fold.

1 hour ago

What's the song tho?

1 hour ago

PHONE OR A TABLET? WTF IS THAT. too small to be a tablet and too big to be a phone.

2 hours ago

when someone in class has this in there pocket and it falls out
Class: Is that your wallet?

3 hours ago

Watch you slam it shut by accident and it breaks lol

6 hours ago

디자인 극혐

9 hours ago

How do you use the camera?

10 hours ago

It looks too big but I am interested either way

10 hours ago

Nintendo 3ds

10 hours ago


12 hours ago


12 hours ago

I won't buy a Windows device. I've own multiple Windows OS, including Windows 10 -- No More! I love Android. I bought the Note10+ because the Samsung Fold isn't practical. But, if Samsung had made this foldable design, I definitely would've bought it!

12 hours ago

According to CNET video, Surface Duo will not be Windows. Instead, it will be a true Android tablet. If that's true, I may be interested in the Duo. But, only if it is NOT WINDOWS!

12 hours ago

Now we have Surface Duo, and let's wait for Surface Watch coming up.

I wish.

15 hours ago

फ्लॉप टेक्नोलॉजी

15 hours ago

Lol Microsoft powered By Android 👌🏻🙊

15 hours ago

Looks fckedup item

15 hours ago

DR Optimistic

1 second ago

then after while the errors came out, I do not trust Microsoft devices anymore I have bout Microsoft surface, the device looks amazing and lovely but that properly only for just a few months, after that you will discover problem on the screen, then in the fan, and the bad thing is you complain about the things they have already admitted they are factory fault and they will replace your device with second-hand device not only that, second hand with fan problem, moreover, facing mean customer serves who reply to you after week, I'm so disappointed and definitely going to turn to Apple company at least more reliable

16 hours ago

I'd rather it run desktop Windows 10.

16 hours ago

android? nah,.. not interested...

18 hours ago

No camera..

19 hours ago

What will be the price?

19 hours ago

Plz,I want Surface Phone

20 hours ago

Who needs such scrap?

21 hours ago

Closing that thing is gonna give me anxiety.

22 hours ago

Microsoft & Google had a baby!!!!

22 hours ago

Song name?

23 hours ago

Samsung and Microsoft - we offer smartphone + tablet experience in one device.
Apple- naah you have to buy iPad and iPhone.

1 day ago

I wish it was bit narrower, just narrow enough to fit into back pockets. But it looks so much durable than other dual screen phones.

1 day ago

phone double?

1 day ago