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Published: 1 week ago
Okay, I have no idea how Kratos trains - probably by deadlifting the bones of frost giants or something. But I want to dress up as Kratos for New York Comic Con, and moreover, I want to start undoing all the damage done by my often-hilariously-unhealthy cooking show. How much can I get done in 30 days? Will I be shredded up by October? Why am I shirtless so much in this episode?

To learn more about my routine, recipes, and updates, head over to:

Theme song: "Forever Wavvy" by Broke for Free


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My nipples have been viewed by half a million people before lunchtime. This is a unique career path.

1 week ago

I've just started my diet/workout combo 2 weeks ago an it's hard do to give up all the easy "pick me up"-s. I'm with you since the first few videos, and i'm with you in the healthy life, keep going mate.

1 day ago


2 days ago

Because you’re sexy AF!

2 days ago

phub intro starts

3 days ago

You go to there wedding and there the guests

2 minutes ago

cool bald dude

54 minutes ago

I'm impressed with what you accomplished in one month! Definitely motivated me to kick more ass at the gym!

1 hour ago

Dude what a coincidence! I’ve decided to diet and train for myself as well. Very hard kicking those eating habits but won’t give up 💪🏽

1 hour ago

Chris Parnell here is different from how he was in Brooklyn 99

2 hours ago

Bald bearded version of Ryan Reynolds @ 8:37

3 hours ago

I’m so fucking happy for you. 💕💕💕 I hope you are happy and continue on your path. Love you Andrew. You inspire me everyday. 😊😊😊

3 hours ago

Let me be honest with you: You won't reach Kratos level physique naturally.

On the other hand you can reach a pretty impressive body, but the main benefit is the energy and overall well being of being healthy. Good luck on the journey, and make it a lifestyle.

5 hours ago

Babish for President 2020!!!

6 hours ago

I'm not a cosplayer but what you started talking about from around 7:50 really resonated with me. Its definitely struck a chord and just gave me the boost I've been needing.

7 hours ago

7:11 this dude getting all the angles

8 hours ago

This is a heart warming video and at the same time fun to watch

10 hours ago

why do you look like the bald/bearded version of Ryan Reynolds.

10 hours ago

I'm new to your channel..this is GOLD..subbed.

13 hours ago

You are not allowed to toss drop dead news like that about Jess at the end of an episode! I HAVE QUESTIONS

13 hours ago

babish come train jiu jitsu with me in downtown brooklyn

13 hours ago

Babish on that " living better now Gucci sweater now."

13 hours ago

in 10 minutes dude got in shape, surprised some fans, and announced his girlfriend that's a fucking video right there

15 hours ago

Beard growing with babish

16 hours ago

Wholesome with Babish

17 hours ago

for some reason, when I saw that video caption, I read it as BOOTIES by babish.
Me: O.o

18 hours ago

Train like Saitama and try not to die challenge when

18 hours ago

Yo what are those sick shoes bro????

18 hours ago

Why he look like MC Ride?

19 hours ago

Snake diet boiiiiii

19 hours ago

Actually now that I see yeah you could make a pretty good kratos

20 hours ago

how come every fitness trainer has a sleeveless nike hoodie

20 hours ago

I noticed you have a tat of the Seattle skyline on your right arm. Whats the story behind that? (I live in Everett :)

21 hours ago

Lmao he was sweating while eating xD

21 hours ago