Apple won't like this... - Run MacOS on ANY PC

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Published: 2 months ago
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Hackintoshes are such a pain – You need the right hardware, and you need to invest a huge amount of time and effort EVERY TIME you change that hardware. But there’s another way…

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2 months ago

try the sound card drives ect

1 week ago

answer me this: who would even do this?

2 weeks ago

Swiftshiftzz Do you mean OSX vs Windows?

3 weeks ago

Linus Tech Tips I have a question. Would it be possible to install the MAC OS X Snow Leopard (that I bought on a disk) onto this PC, and if this is even possible, would it be legal?

3 weeks ago

Человек what about about 🤟🏻

3 weeks ago

Anthony.exe has stopped working press f in chat

8 hours ago

after this video, I realized Linus doesn't have much technical knowledge.

9 hours ago

Anthony rocks

12 hours ago

Hi, can you tell me which distro of your linux ?
Kubuntu or Ubuntu with KDE Plasma?
I loved your theme <3

17 hours ago

They where using Manjaro KDE which is a ArcLinux based distro

16 hours ago

oh. while that was fun to watch, apart from the two Russians that can actually do it, if I could it I would just hack the pentagon and give myself $23 000 to purchase a Mac.

18 hours ago

It is easier to just install macOS to bare metal even on AMD.

16 hours ago

i dont understand anything but they are talking about Egypt i know something about mars so i only know that Bhutan country cant understand anything about china Tajmahal ok i know they are talking about tea

18 hours ago


19 hours ago

Thank you.

21 hours ago

So if I have a good server in the office then I can share the Mac OS VM with my workmate. it is really cool.

22 hours ago

or you can just use the manjaro its better than mac

23 hours ago

Oh my god, who cares?!

1 day ago

It took me 2 days to figure out how to GPU passthrough. (Set up for windows gaming for games that proton/wine do not work very well for.)

1 day ago

"Run MacOS on any PC".....*if you're a giant Linux wizard*. Ofcourse MacOS will run on any PC Linus, but unless you're Anthony or Anthony's children you ain't getting no where lol.

1 day ago

Never forget that the “I” on the end of GUI doesn’t mean interface. Which is why Linus has to say GUI Interface

1 day ago

I don't want a mac, mac's suck. Stupid limited proprietary OS that only is acceptable to social elitists.

1 day ago

Anthony what college you went, man he just rocked in this video

1 day ago

Apple must be glad!! this is to think diffrent.

1 day ago


1 day ago

The best mac is pc.

1 day ago


1 day ago

Anthony, good job now do the simpler thing, make and use a unique generic iPXE slax
to make the image and apps you want to use, then boot any other bare lan pc from the original slax directly over the lan as standard to ram,save your changes by creating a module,nothing else required.

May's Law states, in reference to Moore's Law:

“Software efficiency halves every 18 months, compensating Moore's Law.”

2 days ago

Anthony froze like a hanged android from 0:52 till 1:14 . Hilarious !!

2 days ago

Manjaro on the Desktop... God choice man I like it too

2 days ago

I tried this instructions for 1 day... then I gave up and reinstalled windows 10. After seeing more then 200 error messages I am sure I will never try to use Linux ever again.

2 days ago

"With this method, we can create the Mac that Apple fanboys only dream of! One that doesn't thermal throttle!"

2 days ago

How does Apple not come after the hackintosh piracy? 😳

2 days ago

Is 2 graphics is used in 1 CPU?

2 days ago

All the dislikes are apple workers

2 days ago

"U can use MAC OS on any computer now"
Apple company: "Wait, that's illegal"

2 days ago