Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Part 14 - Endgame

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Published: 3295 days
I've had this video on my desktop for a very loong time. Well life's been quite unforgiving for me and I had so much to deal with so my time here was quite limited so sorry about that. Now on with the final gauntlet!

Honestly the first few fights are no problem at all as a Skull Knight is more than enough to destroy the twins and Heishin still isn't much of threat even if he's got BEWD's. You should be used to his decks by now anyway. Things turn insane when you face Seto3rd who has the cheapest deck/AI in the game. 90% of the time he draws BEUD and chances are he's always got a Harpie's Feather Duster to destroy your traps to protect it. Whether he plays this before or after BEUD depends on you. I swear when it comes to him that's when I get all the shitty cards in my hand, out of the decade I've owned this game it happens too frequently for me to think otherwise. Darknite's deck is very similiar to Heishin's but of course any of these duels could turn sour if your deck decides to screw you over. For the final duel DO NOT toy around with Nitemare, he also has BEUD but his chances of getting it are way lower than Seto3rd so kill him quickly. No one wants to lose because they got a nasty surprise one turn before victory.

Well that sums up this story. But don't worry! I'm not satisfied with my deck so that means more grinding videos for you! I'll also make a duo segment 'speedrun' once my deck becomes unstoppable so...til then! Seeya around and thanks for watching!

Secret No. 37689434


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