Why iPhone 11 Is Apple’s Least Innovative iPhone Yet

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Published: 1 week ago
Apple, the company that created the modern-day smartphone, is relying on technology customers are already extremely familiar with, like cameras, and taking a backseat when it comes to smartphone innovation. But could the company's dedication to familiar technology be a benefit to the iPhone lineup?

The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are Apple's newest phones, and both tout a triple-camera setup. But this is not new. In fact, it's one of the last smartphone manufacturers to include a wide-angle lens on its phones. LG added a wide-angle lens to its G5 and V20 phones in 2016, and Samsung introduced it on the Galaxy S10 and S10+ early in 2019. And besides cameras, Samsung has experimented with folding screens, mobile desktop interfaces, gesture controls, and more in the past year.

Apple, the company that created the modern-day smartphone, is relying on technology customers are already extremely familiar with, like cameras, and taking a backseat when it comes to smartphone innovation. But the company's dedication to familiar technology could be a benefit to the iPhone lineup.

Android-based companies have a roster of smartphone firsts that later found their way to Apple products. Motorola built a fingerprint sensor into its Atrix 4G phone back in 2011, 2 years before the iPhone 5S brought TouchID to the iPhone. Also in 2011, Samsung brought big phones into the mainstream with its Note series, creating the "phablet," or phone-tablet hybrid, something Apple took note of for its Plus and Max versions of iPhones starting with the 6 Plus in 2014.

But at times these innovations come at the cost of quality. Take the Samsung Galaxy Fold for example. Though Samsung wasn't the first phone company to release a foldable smartphone, it was the largest company to do so, and created the most buzz around the technology in the US. But the phone has not been in good standing, reporting numerous problems with the screen and hinge mechanism.

Apple knows what its customers what. According to a recent study, the camera is one of the top 5 most important features in a smartphone. Apple ticked that box on the iPhone 11 Pro lineup. This same poll also suggests battery life, ease of use, memory and durability as important to phone buyers, most of which were addressed during the most recent iPhone announcement. This reliance on familiar technology also allows Apple to focus on new ventures, like Apple TV+ and other devices and services Apple has not made public yet.

Looking at Apple's history as the creator of the modern smartphone, it's disappointing to see a lack of innovation on the newest iPhones. It's also hard to argue with Apple's decisions when it holds a 41% market share of smartphones in the US. We'll just have to wait and see what Apple has in store in 2020.

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Why iPhone 11 Is Apple’s Least Innovative iPhone Yet


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I am not completely sure if I would agree with it though, the reasons being
1) it's effortless to use iOS either for entertainment or business
2) camera and screen is brilliant for an average consumer
3) iOS keeps it simple, but still very secure. Face Id is so quick I really don't miss out on finger print scanner
4) apple care +
5) apple ecosystem and accessories which syncs effortlessly

2 hours ago

iPhone is iPhone. Period!

3 hours ago

You often hear that there is a team working on possible iPhone innovations. Fact is we haven't seen a truly iPhone innovation sense's its introduction. Fact is Apple customers want to see innovation in design and user experience.

6 hours ago

애플은 썩어 가는가

7 hours ago

잡스 디자인 내놔   쿡아  잡스 4인치 디자인 내놓으라고  SE 만도 못한 디자인

7 hours ago

인덕션   디자인  실망  완전 실망      기대 이하

7 hours ago

So you're saying Apple's other consumer products are innovative??

It's not just one division... It's the whole company.

8 hours ago

Apple has been doing this for a while. Always comes out with stuff that's been done years ago by Android

15 hours ago

Yes it has. A long time ago.

16 hours ago

Apple died with Steve jobs and it's so sad. But that's life for you can't be #1 forever. I wish android would have a stronger rival like playstation and xbox. Now apple is just an overpriced camera

17 hours ago

Apple isn’t the first for much but when they do it. They do it right

20 hours ago

For 8:05 may we have some decent caption, please? Thank you.

20 hours ago

That’s why I’m sticking with my 8+. It’s a tank, heavy and durable, after two years the battery is fine, nothing has gone wrong, it’s still going strong. It has the highest resolution of any iPhone, and still has the home button. It’s reliable. The new stuff is overpriced and the notch is unsightly. You can get an 8+ and have enough to buy an iPad Pro and the two will be cheaper than the 256GB iPhone 11 Max. Maybe the iPhone has reached its maximum innovation limit. What else do you want a phone to do, be a vibrator?

21 hours ago

That's nothing new
Apple was never at the forefront of innovation and new tech. They just design and intergrate, but they are falling behind on that too... No worries though, there's enough fanboys around for decades.

22 hours ago

Samsung again??
Nokia innovation on mobile camera softwarr is out of bound to the other competitors like the cheater samsung did.. for correction

1 day ago

The only thing that I love about iPhone 11 is their cameras. I know it’s a weird looking but I love it.

1 day ago

Innovation ?
Look at Huawei ...

1 day ago

this is stupid. i dont want a phone that folds but has a screen that peels, nor do i want one filled with features but will randomly burn in my pocket. all these are gimmicks. what i want is a good phone i trust.

1 day ago

Tim Cook doesn’t have a single ounce of creativity in his body. He’s a bean counter.

1 day ago

Lets be honst they just make same phone different camera just bigger sized phone

1 day ago

CNBC is stupid. Apple doesn’t do things that are half-baked. The iPod was rhe the first MP3 player, remember? It was the best, though. You guys need to learn the difference between gimmicks and innovation.

1 day ago

You have to love how they essentially they say iPhone isn’t innovative (wich honestly it isn’t) because it didn’t have 3 cameras first but then say the google pixel pushed boundaries even tough it only had 1

1 day ago

iphone and innovation? lul

1 day ago

If you look at the iPod Touch it seems to be a prototype for the iPhone. They didn't care that the Zune was better at the time because it was a prototype that people can buy. I think that this is the same thing for the current iPhones. Do you know what would need a better camera system? Augmented reality Glasses. Do you know how big of an impact if you didn't have a phone in your pocket, but instead had glasses and watch that would work together to accomplish almost any thing you need? You can still buy an iPod touch but the tried to out innovate themselves. Other companies might have said "We have this amazing Ipod, That is our bread and butter lets not do anything to disrupt that market" but they didn't they innovated them self into a new bread and butter. If apple were smart they would be doing the same thing with Augmented reality and come up with a product to put the iPhone out of everyone's pocket. Because if they don't someone else will.
These things tell me that they are trying to do just that.

1 day ago

Short on time? Yes. Yes it has.

1 day ago

Ah yes the iPhone 10

1 day ago

There was a time before scrolling? 😁

1 day ago

Apple died when Jobs Died man.... Zero Innovation

1 day ago

Apple farts and audiences 👏👏👏

1 day ago

Apple will sell apples only. I mean fruits.

1 day ago