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Published: 2 weeks ago
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links to the videos I watched:

Nasty files 8

Julien being no help

jenna tamara

Wanna be tall warcraft

Edwardian lady

Jenna marbles harry potter 5

jenna marbles animated

Kermit vs fly


me on jenna

kermit being nasty

why u crying (bush)


And past gaming from Twitch to Jenna Julien Games








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40 minutes ago

def my favorite series EVER

1 hour ago

make a guitar out of irish spring

2 hours ago

Dough Julien. The sound. Any time I have a bad day. I legit come back and I'm happy again LOL

8 hours ago

Watch any of the airplane films!!!! They are the most aries filmsbi have ever seen!!!! Plus they are the funniest filmsbi have ever seen!!!

10 hours ago

Oh god, I cried so much during all of this

10 hours ago

I love the animation of j&j's kitchen but did anyone else notice she used to symbol for gemini instead of virgo? lol

10 hours ago


10 hours ago

13:00 - 13:10

11 hours ago

YES! I've been wondering if they had discovered Mr. Brightside!!! I can die happy now 😂

11 hours ago

13:03 🤣🤣🤣

11 hours ago

1:57 i fucking lost it😭

12 hours ago

"your skin just asked me for money" slap

12 hours ago

kermit vs. fly had me in TEARS BEECH

13 hours ago


13 hours ago

ok huge brownie points for knowing what wow is jenna :D

13 hours ago

For the 25th anniversary of Friends you should transform yourself into each friend. ...extra credit to do an acapella version of the theme song. 😂😂😂

15 hours ago

The little mermaid! We need to watch it all Jenna!

16 hours ago

Didn’t even notice they used the Gemini sign instead of Virgo

16 hours ago

my favorite 👏🏻meme 👏🏻 review

18 hours ago

i love that there's still ads on this video

18 hours ago

Where's the ramen sink at?

19 hours ago

13:05 that’s it. This comments is mainly for my own personal use. Thank you.

22 hours ago

u bE lOokIn' lIKe A sNaCk

23 hours ago

Julian eating cake batter.
salmonella has entered the chat

1 day ago

Hi Jenna and Julien. I saw this and loved it - you should feature it in your next meme review:

1 day ago

Please react to this video

1 day ago

Does anyone know what in the world happened to Rome and Jenna? I haven't seen her on any of her channels for years

1 day ago

I always come back to this video to rewatch the one of julienne’s captured essence .. it’s hilARIOUS

1 day ago

Did they change Bunny's name?

1 day ago