The Perfect PokéRap | Unraveled LIVE at PAX East 2019

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Published: 3 months ago
At PAX East 2019, Brian David Gilbert revealed his magnum opus: the perfect PokéRap. It has every Pokémon, is emotionally vulnerable, and includes interpretive dance. What more could you want?

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Want to listen to the STUDIO VERSION of The Perfect PokéRap? That’s right here, pal:

3 months ago

My favorite pokemon is haunter

5 days ago

Why am I crying?

6 days ago

@Oceanman _ I'd still watch the polygon power twink explain that

1 week ago

@Relicrider62 good! It was magnificent

1 month ago

This is the perfect pokerap you coward

1 month ago

This was my first exposure to BDG. Lol.

8 minutes ago

"Desperate Dancing"

1 hour ago

If we don't get that 4-hour gesamtkunstwerk one day, I am going to be sorely disappointed. Start a patreon, for the love of god.

2 hours ago

Brian knew about the national Dex this is why he cut some of them out. HE KNEW.

2 hours ago

This was a ride and a half XD love it

5 hours ago

Me: American salute

7 hours ago

this is so impressive and fun

7 hours ago

I'm just so glad that my first year music history course and the reading I was forced to do on W*gner has finally got some enjoyable memories to do with it. Thank you, Brian, for the Gesampkuntswerk.

7 hours ago

This guy is legend.

10 hours ago

I would catch new tangela And name it terry to
Train it And then give Jim
I wonder if he is in jail

12 hours ago

theres two of him

13 hours ago

33 minutes, and all I heard was "GeSAMkunStVøRk"

14 hours ago

I cringed to the 10th dimension watching this ahhhhhhhhh

21 hours ago

Is bdg even real

21 hours ago

This is why I watch Polygon. THIS IS WHY! BDG is quite possibly the greatest being to ever exist

22 hours ago

Should've gone back the next day with a different tangela

1 day ago

My boyfriend: Why tf are you crying so loud?

Me: He did it *sniff*

1 day ago

hot nerd twins?????????? whats going on!? i want them both

1 day ago

Best TED talk I've ever seen

1 day ago

Brian over here making a Queen song at that length

1 day ago

Can someone PLEASE make a audio clip of just the Skr-r-relp on repeat?
It’s at 25:03

1 day ago

PLEASE give us the organized Pokemon name spreadsheet categorized into metrical feet
I would absolutely love to use it with kids and students who are struggling with the idea

1 day ago

Is it weird I received a original game boy tangela named Terry like 10 months ago from wonder trade and I traded it to my brother and he wonder traded it

2 days ago

Who is "Terry the Tangela"? what happened?

2 days ago


2 days ago

This was one of the stupidest things I ever enjoyed immensely great job

2 days ago

Only reason I'm still subbed to Polygon. The weight on this man's back.

2 days ago

I'm crying

2 days ago

My problem with this is that he's acting like bidoof and Garfield don't deserve to be next to the gods.

2 days ago