Why No One Should Use Airport USB Charging Stations

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Published: 1 week ago
Travelers have always been vulnerable. Centuries ago they were attacked by pirates, but nowadays most of the thefts happen on a digital level. In 2019, transport became the second priority for cybercriminals, right after financial organizations. USB chargers might be traveler-friendly and installed in public places for their convenience, but they're not necessarily safe.

IBM Security experts say that cybercriminals use USB ports in airports, train stations and other public places to steal personal data from your gadgets. They have no difficulty modifying USB ports by installing special software that steals the owner’s personal data, including bank information.

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What can happen to your smartphone? 📱 1:19
What video-jacking is 1:44
Use your own cable 🔌 2:24
What about the latest android and iPhones? 3:07
What can you do if your smartphone has a low battery ❓ 4:21
Special USB cable 4:47
How an outlet in a public place can destroy your device 5:08
❗️ How to protect your security ❗️ 6:29

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- When you plug the cable into a compromised outlet, you'll connect your smartphone or tablet to an external drive that launches the process of copying your data or installing a virus on it.
- This technology is known as juice jacking. Another way they use to steal your data is called video-jacking, which is also based on using a modified USB port.
- Sometimes they don't even bother to do anything to the port itself, they just leave a cable plugged in there.
- After smartphone producers learned about juice-jacking, they did add extra safety measures to their devices. Now iOS and Android ask for your approval to get connected to an external device.
- There're other risks too. If you've got an Android with an older operating system, or the USB debugging mode is switched off, it’ll be no problem to pass a virus onto it.
- There's a function on the latest Apple devices called USB Restricted Mode – it's an innovative defense mechanism, which prohibits data exchange during charging through a USB port.
- If you’re using a device with the latest version of the operational system, in theory, there shouldn’t be much danger. But still, if you need to charge it urgently in a public place, don’t use a public USB port.
- Bring a common charger and plug it in a common outlet. This is less convenient since there aren’t as many of them in airports, but it’s definitely safe.
- Another option is to charge a power bank through a USB port and then charge your smartphone with it.
- If that's still not enough, you could buy a special USB cable, which lets you charge the device, but doesn't allow the exchange of data.
- There's also a completely different kind of danger when it comes to charging your smartphone through a USB cable: the device can simply burn out from voltage swell.
- Create 12-symbol passwords. It shouldn’t be your mother’s maiden name, the last 4 numbers of your passport number, your birthday or your address.
- Don’t share the details of every single step you make on social media. Remember that in doing so, you make it easier for actual thieves to trace your route and rob your house while you’re on a business trip or vacation.
- Don’t ever show your boarding pass on social media. At first glance, it looks like the only information you can get from it is a passenger name and the booking reference.
- If you still don't feel like the vacation has started until you take a traditional picture of your passport with a boarding pass, delete the ticket number, booking reference and any data about your flight from the picture before posting it.

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How often do you usually have to charge your phone?

1 week ago

Just use a cable without the data lines

8 hours ago

You cant program usb ports

12 hours ago

1 time a day

15 hours ago

Has anyone heard of quick-charging the phone by wrapping it in wire? Does it work?

1 day ago


1 day ago

That is why android I better: You can choose which way your data goes (1-way), 2 way data or only charging.

39 minutes ago

Easy , Just Use iPhone !
iOS:Trust this computer ?
Me : No
That is Fine , that’s why iPhones are so good in protecting customer privacy

51 minutes ago

Thanks a lot that is so cool hmm.

1 hour ago

I always bring my own charger, I never use the USB charger, becuse of security, have worked whit security for ages. and i am an naturaly paranoid person

4 hours ago


4 hours ago


9 hours ago

Power bank: :(

11 hours ago

how about powering down your phone and charge it while its off ?

12 hours ago


14 hours ago

Or charge a power bank with the port and then charge your phone on the powerbank on the same time.

18 hours ago

Just use a mains charging brick

18 hours ago

Why should I trust a lightbulb

19 hours ago

Portable chargers are a thing so people need to get that

20 hours ago

2:15 most phones don't have a video chip

1 day ago

That why I use an USB extension lead with only live and negative it won't steal my data. Simple right.

1 day ago

I use iPhone so im safe

1 day ago

You can just use a cable without data lines...

1 day ago

step 1: say no to all usb prompts
step 2: turn off usb debugging if you have it on

1 day ago

At 3:56 Apple said that they are the best

1 day ago

I won’t use public charging stations cos pirates wil steal my data and load malware on my phone, I will use my own charger when I’ll go out next time

1 day ago

Oh my god!!!😱😱😱 I've done this before once in Hong Kong last year... Oh my.😤😤😤😤

1 day ago

this is why I buy a new phone when my old one dies

1 day ago

i could build a juice jack defender myself
i just need to cut the white and green wires from my usb cable

1 day ago

Bring with you a non data usb cable. They even have them in usb C. Problem solved.

1 day ago


1 day ago

If you believe this then you are the regarded kind that gets their info stolen, usb alone without a device to process data can only provide power, you can't alter that without adding extra things to process data.

1 day ago

lol Android has been asking for permission when using ubs charging for over 10 years....

1 day ago

bring a powerstrip. or just use android.

2 days ago

JuSt ChArGe ThE PhOnE WiTh LeMonS
Easier chargin xD

2 days ago