Incredible Finish In 7-Year-Old 800m!

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Published: 1 month ago
These kids just don't quit!


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The real life Kid Flash

1 hour ago

Their names are crazy

3 hours ago

Can anyone to me

3 hours ago

Why did they run four laps when it is an 800m

3 hours ago

They are slow lol

5 hours ago

Bruuuuhh. They're so sloww

7 hours ago

Kdybych to neviděl neuvěřím velký respekt k těmto mladičkým sportovcům

7 hours ago

Mourice Pope the third.

7 hours ago

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7 hours ago


8 hours ago

Dude I would bet 80% of Americans can’t run a 2:49 in the 8

9 hours ago

И ни одного белого!

11 hours ago

There was a Japanese dude in my old class who ran a 2.4km consistently at slightly more than 8 minutes, these kids are probably the 7 year old equivalents of that dude.

For reference when i was 7 i couldn't even run 50m without collapsing lolol. Luckily growing up does give you an edge

12 hours ago

Wow !

14 hours ago

Fam I run 1500 in 2:15

15 hours ago

Little professionals my kids would of ran off the track at 7 and tired out in the first 50 meters or quit if he started losing

18 hours ago

Good job boys!

20 hours ago

2:49, faster than half the kids on my track team

22 hours ago

I can’t tell if the kid in grey had good or bad running form

23 hours ago

Y they all black

1 day ago

Maurice pope run for JESUS.

1 day ago


1 day ago

They all run faster than me and I’m 14

1 day ago

This is exactly how you earn money, betting like dog racing lmao.

1 day ago

can't wait for a 25 year old leftist to think he is 7 and crush these records

1 day ago

I like this race

1 day ago

WHAT A GENIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 day ago

Why are they all black? This is racist..

1 day ago

Where the white kids at 🤔

1 day ago

These little Capuchins are quick.

1 day ago