Us (2019) KILL COUNT

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Published: 1 week ago
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1 week ago

Dead Meat sorry I left a suggestion for this movie in the comments of the kill count before

1 hour ago

Nobody’s gonna see this probably, but I had to say this.

TECHNICALLY, since the tethers only joined that “holding hands line” once they killed their counterpart, you can assume that all of those people in the line are representative of at least ONE death. So this kill count can theoretically be MUCH greater.

2 hours ago

By the way she cut the bunny’s head off because of what she said before

5 hours ago

dab on dem haters

21 hours ago

Best vid you are the best YouTuber ever

23 hours ago

Do the new Chukie movie

7 minutes ago

I didn’t even see red at 18:56

18 minutes ago

( I know theses Mojave’s do not have that many kills or none at all)
James is would be very cool is you can do the Movies “ The Visit” or “ MA”

25 minutes ago

Wait so if the Non Tether Human Jacks off does that mean the tether does it too?

38 minutes ago


1 hour ago

7,000,066 people died because tethered took over

1 hour ago

The girl had a sha....Dow...

1 hour ago

This film sucks

1 hour ago

petition to put broken boxes on the kill count

1 hour ago

So original addie was strangled I get it now but will red take place as addie

1 hour ago

When you max prestige your camouflage level and infiltrate the enemy team

2 hours ago

James said it’s just a box but it looked like a body

2 hours ago

Do a “The Boy” Kill Count.

2 hours ago

You Could cover the Child’s play remake soon enough.

3 hours ago

Shouldn’t James be counting the tethered that are already in the line since they had to kill there counterparts to be there

3 hours ago

They should make a movie from Addis past

3 hours ago

UMMMmmm i am confused i thored i hade allready seen this on dead Meat before Unless this is opening the same way as the last one .. i am really Confused did you all ready do ( Us )before ?

3 hours ago


4 hours ago

11:29 Way to use your head haha 😆 good one James

4 hours ago

Every movie has to have a twist

4 hours ago

I love this movie

4 hours ago

“Therefore, this is what the Lord says: I am about to bring on them disaster that they cannot escape. They will cry out to me, but I will not hear them.” -Jeremiah 11:11
Taken way out of context.

4 hours ago

Im not used to james being shaven

4 hours ago

Carrie, The Babysitter, Pet Sematary, Brightburn, Child's Play (2019), Big Ass Spider, Cute Little Buggers, Deadly Friendly, Train To Busan, Dawn Of The Dead, The Meg, 2 Headed Shark, Zoombies, Sharknado, Godzilla, The Blob, Piranha, Deep Blue Sea, Freshwater, Lake Placid, Mars Attacks!, The Fog, Attack Lf The Killer Tomatoes, The Snowman, Feast, The Happening, and House Of The Dead are movies you should cover

5 hours ago

Nice shave

6 hours ago

I'm sad he didn't make a joke about the girl literally finding herself

6 hours ago

That’s a lot of kills

7 hours ago

PLS DO martyrs

8 hours ago

umm ya don’t watch this at 4 am

9 hours ago