The Try Guys $850 Indian Food Challenge ft. Lilly Singh

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Published: 4 months ago
The guys eat and learn about delicious Indian food from different restaurants with special guest Lilly Singh!

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Lilly Singh


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comment  Comments

12:20 my grandma be like

3 hours ago

That up class indian are not 1% indian . It's look westernised food

5 hours ago

The try guys try volleyball and escape room!

8 hours ago

Who else hates Zaks hair cut

13 hours ago

Keith comparing Indian food to food from other, non-white cultures made me realize white people do not have their own recognizable foods.

19 hours ago

zach: * sleeping on keith *
Me: * Focused on zach and no one else *
zach: * wakes up and holds up hands like nothing happened *
Me: * smiling *

22 hours ago

Ned putting the plate against his face is the best and most Indian thing in this video

1 day ago

Look at thos two gay asians. I cant.

1 day ago

BOTH of my favourites youtbers channels!!!

Also 10:20 It's quebec(the province that created poutine) and India

1 day ago

No biryani? Ok.but samosas are originally made with meat.

1 day ago

Time to run to the thunderpot! 😂

1 day ago

God I fucking hate Lilly singh

2 days ago

Don’t even want to look at Lilly’s cringey performance

2 days ago

Like in her talk show?

20 hours ago

You want to try British indian food. It tastes nothing like it would in India.

3 days ago

Idk why but they're eat rice with fork is pissed me off

3 days ago

Higher the price of "Indian Food" then lesser Indian it gets.

3 days ago

why do other countries have our restaurants but we don't have there's 😭😭😭😭

3 days ago

I cringed at the “bhel” uff....😬😂 your content 💕

3 days ago

I watch too many Shah Rukh Khan movies that i start to expect Lily would touch the lady's feet, and she would do that hands rolling gesture on lily's head

4 days ago


4 days ago

Chicken Tikka Poutine!!!! <3

4 days ago

Who else is dissappointed by the lack of Biryani

4 days ago

thank you!!! i was just thinking about it

12 hours ago

Me -_-

19 hours ago

Parle g and cutting chai costs about 16 rs max. That's 20 cents approx. Wonder how much they must be charging them😅

4 days ago

Being an Indian I would say that
The higher the price went it became less Indian

5 days ago

You are goddammmn right!

3 hours ago

Why are they torturing me with this Indian food....

5 days ago

yeah food

2 days ago

Ikr?! My mouth was watering by the end of this

3 days ago

Straight up craving a jalfreze after watching this vid

5 days ago

Come To Jamaica PLS

5 days ago

the next stop is washroom for sure‼️

6 days ago

bro i love pani puri

6 days ago

How the hell do you make vegan Indian food, that’s amazing

6 days ago

Iam Indian and i am a fan of panipuri ummmmm yummmmyyyy that dishes looks so delicious even though i ate everything 😂😋love u from INDIA try guys

6 days ago