Insane Magician FOOLS Penn & Teller With An ORIGINAL Magic Trick!

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Published: 6 days ago
Doc Dixon is an insane magician who appears on Penn and Teller Fool Us Season 6. In this video, he performs his original shell and pea trick, a new take on the classic cup and balls routine and completely fools penn and Teller With it. Hope you all enjoy the video!

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6 days ago

Sub and liked

3 days ago

Image found nowhere in actual video ✅
Penn never says quote in the image ✅
Clickbait ✅

4 days ago


5 days ago

Having pea fooled us

5 days ago

100% sounds like Nicholas Cage.

5 hours ago

3:36 cut scene has the secret
He picked the pea in these cut scenes
Watch carefully 3:36 to 3:41

10 hours ago

The trick with the pea in the walnut is really clever. I doubt using 2 separate halves would have worked, so maybe the dude drilled into the walnut so that the pea could be slipped inside, and then used sleight of hand to make sure said hole is never visible to penn and teller.

11 hours ago

I figured it out how he did it, Boom!!! So, 4:30 to 4:50 minutes in slow motion.
So he didn't put the pea under the cup, you can see his left hand under the table putting the pea inside the Walnut and when he remove the silver cup you can see his left hand taking the cup and putting the pea/Walnut. Miss direction of hand
I believe the Walnut is like a Lego, you can open it and it close it, like a snap lock or tho ester egg were you can pop them open and close but he broke the evidence or didn't let pen or teller touch it or see it

13 hours ago

To be frank, they know how he did it. Some things are best kept secret for the fun of it.

12 hours ago

Called penn 'ten' 😆

13 hours ago

If I hugged Allison my dick would have went through my pants inside her lol 😍

14 hours ago

He played a game with fake p he wrote before and not p the guy gave it to him and put that in shell and pul the shell in glass when talk about wallet of money

15 hours ago

Seems like they are just letting magicians fool them to make the show interesting

16 hours ago

just a random thing I don't get about TV shows. Why is the audience applauding when someone asks Penn & Teller on stage?
It's driving me crazy for years now and it's happening in all sorts of TV shows, not only in English speaking ones. Ppl are applauding for the smallest freakin' things. They are probably told to do so via signs etc but it's so non authentic and plain stupid.
Anyone got an idea why it's that common?

17 hours ago

How did he get the pea into walnut shell?

20 hours ago

Whenever he shifts pea camera goes up and u can see how he does.

21 hours ago

But the last one was charismo

21 hours ago

I like how the Fooled Us trophy is F U. Yes it's the initials of fooled us, but also that playful bitter sore loser of being fooled. It's cute 😊

21 hours ago

Unfortunately at 3:41 you have a clear shot of him stealing the pea from underneath the shotglass. Testament to how hard sleight of hand is to pull off in front of cameras

23 hours ago

Funny if he was lying and did slip the pea in tho

1 day ago

The producers know the trick so he can't lie about it. But I agree with you 😁

9 hours ago

I've got it, and I was able to completely replicate it thank you very much.

1 day ago

It's like voting EMPTY and IDENTICAL. I feel bad for Kennedy

If anyone understood my comment like this

1 day ago

When you have a daughter 1:47

1 day ago

Kinda bothered how the show cuts out bits of the act that matter.

1 day ago

I wonder how many tricks have Penn and Teller bought off of the series

1 day ago

I think I saw all the moves

1 day ago

With careful rewatching, I think I followed the pea for the last trick, even pretty sure about when he put it in the whole shell. There's zero chance I could have done that during a live performance.

1 day ago

4:32 left hand starts working on putting pea into shell, 4:37 shell is put into the cup...

1 day ago

He plays the pubg

1 day ago

4:25 pea was under his hand then he drops it into his lap and at 4:40 you can hear the walnut being placed in the cup .....still really sneaky to do up close

1 day ago

Any time his hands are NOT on the table (under the table, pocket, etc.), there's a change in where the pea is located. At 4:38 his left hand's fingers put the walnut in the stainless steel cup. So, whenever he first moved the pea at 3:30 on forward, he removed the pea with his right hand and moves his hand under the table at 4:24. He introduces the pea into a hollow walnut under the table at 4:25 and slips it into the steel cup with his left hand at 4:38. Solved.

1 day ago

Shell was already sliced in half. He added the pea to the shell and then cracked it as if were not a sliced shell. Notice the way he never let go the shell till it was under the cloth.

1 day ago

this trick is....nuts :))))))

1 day ago

4.38 exactly when magician makes the move........
Love frm india🇮🇳

1 day ago

Serious class act

1 day ago