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Published: 1 week ago
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miLlIOnARe sTruGGleS wItH cOlOr cOrReCtIoN

Buy either a damn new brad or buy a different camera


Buy a new channel and pay 200 million ppl to subscribe

I’m a genius yes pls like I need

7 minutes ago

Hello random person scrolling through the comments

Hello I am pewdiepie why the frick are you reading this

52 minutes ago

Lol I just installed your app cuz of an add then at the end you were "sponsuering" you app XD (idk how to spell)

1 hour ago

I love his voice when he say certain words lmaoooo

1 hour ago


5 hours ago

Just came back to this video and what’s that mark on the side of your neck?

6 hours ago

Pewdepie t series passed you :(

7 hours ago

India is great

7 hours ago


7 hours ago


7 hours ago

Biggest junk.........

7 hours ago


8 hours ago

Why you do it ? You write on Russian and speak English. I watched you and I don't understand.

9 hours ago

Türkçe altyazı eklersen sevinirim😊

11 hours ago

Our king you have failer t series is beating you

12 hours ago

Why does pewd's video still looks bad 😂

12 hours ago

Live Pewdiepie , bro !!!

14 hours ago

better quality?

15 hours ago

Pew die pie review

18 hours ago

We need to get to 100,000,000 before T-Series

21 hours ago

We need to

22 hours ago

I've been waiting till Pewds gets to 100 mill to buy 100 mill club merch (I skipped buying 90 mill club to wait) BUT YOU GUYS ARENT SUBSCRIBING FAST ENOUGH

23 hours ago

Felix: good i got an IQ of 3001

Also Felix: i have rope

1 day ago


1 day ago

5:55 when ur bother who is also a fan of pewds is 193cm and ur 137cm which is of your from America, is 6’and 4 switched

1 day ago

He just need to have better lighting honestly...

1 day ago

10:15 are you ok?

1 day ago

7:22 felix doesn't have legs

1 day ago

Brad your so good at editing

1 day ago

I like those picture messges MAKE MORE.

1 day ago