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Published: 2 weeks ago
.....WHERE TO FIND ME.....


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These issues that she keeps putting off and “attempts to make it right for her customers” by providing refunds. . . But , that doesn’t stop there! NO ONE uses cotton gloves in a lab, because we all know that ant type cotton with shed. As an Attorney, I predict there will be some lawsuits. I’m sure there are people who used it before all these videos started coming out. If someone used her lipstick and had an allergic reaction in any way ( whether it’s sores, un-even lips, immunosuppressed people, bacterial infection on your lips, etc, etc, etc) that’s gonna be a big issue! So as she’s trying to attempt rectify the situation . . . . She took,a cheap shortcut and it’s going to financially crucify her.

2 hours ago

Lol that bit about a restaurant being shut down is false. Foreign objects like hair, earrings, bandaids, metal screws, plastic pieces are found in food all the time. You can file a complaint but no finding a screw in your calzone ring (as I found once) will not get a place "shut down" or necessarily inspected without multiple complaints.

2 hours ago

i worked in restaurants for years
Health Inspector found a dead bunny in our bulk water, and mosquito larvae in the soda lines

we still got an A
FDA wont shut anything down
they’ll recall at best

6 hours ago

It's quite clear that these lipsticks were stored for years prior to the actual launch. Long enough to start growing mold.

1 day ago

Jaclyn: I have anxiety.
Me: you have anxiety!? The guilt of what you’ve done makes you feel sick? What about all the anxiety you’ve caused to your customers who are getting sick/ hurt?
She should feel terrible. She’s done a terrible thing.
I’m saying this as someone who suffers from anxiety. Stop using it as an excuse! Maybe she’ll start to feel better when she admits they are unsafe and contaminated and RECALL them!

2 days ago

I have anxiety. JH DOESN’T HAVE ANXIETY!!!!!!!!!!! If she actually had anxiety as bad as she says she does, she wouldn’t only be on medicine, but would be in a mental hospital. Nobody who actually has anxiety would be out there talking about it this much, and everything she says about anxiety is completely untrue.

3 days ago

“Keeping it real”. 😂😂😂

3 days ago

2019 is the year of the TEA

4 days ago

One thing I noticed in her video she says that they switched to plastic gloves so it wont ever happen again and like minutes later in the video says she's not using the same lab anymore. WHICH IS IT?! Are they switching gloves and upping their standards or did you get a new lab? Bevause the glove thing doesn't even matter if you fired the lab. Smh. Makes no sense.

4 days ago

why haven’t any of the YT beauty influencers with MILLIONS of subs warned their followers

4 days ago

Jaclyn Hill looks like she's 40.

4 days ago

JH is so full of it it disgusts me. I’m so glad her crusty dusty nasty lipsticks have finally finished her off. Can we finally do away with her scamming assss?

4 days ago

That looks like animal hair embedded and cloth fibers on the outside of the lipsticks😕. She probably made this stuff at home or out of her garage. It's probably her pets hair in them. Jaclyn probably has been sitting in front of the tv stirring lipstick potions and watching Game of Thrones. She probably left the ceiling fan on while moulds were cooling off and cat hair and got stuck on them.😿

5 days ago

I worked in a museum and used “white fuzzy gloves” to deal with expensive art work, let me tell you, they do NOT “shed” that much! It’s never been a problem. Not buying the BS. 👋

5 days ago

I think that she thinks that having her name on any product is what matters to her , the product itself doesn't matter ,in other words money is motive even if it means putting out shitty products just to get rich. She was not hands on with it , another thing is that thousands of lipsticks are being made at one time , machines make lipsticks not humans , the only time people touch the product is probably to check the quality of it and to package it .

5 days ago

I've become a recent subscriber to your channel and love your content. Please check out Kenna's video. She is sending the lipsticks out to a lab for testing. Here is the video you should check out, she needs to go viral: Jaclyn Cosmetics Lipsticks First Impressions Biochemist Perspective: Part 1. Thank you.

6 days ago

The 'lab' is Prisha.

1 week ago

I haven't seen dollar store lipstick that looked like what I've seen of JH shitsticks!😒😒😒

1 week ago

(Thanks to Anastasia krisman, a cosmetic chemist who commented what they thought the mould was, and I believe them)

The black dots and white fuzzy bits are not glove shedding or oxygen pockets, it is very likely MOULD. Specifically phycomyces nitens, which can come in black, white, red, and sometimes green, covering all of the colours of mould found on the lipstick. What's most concerning about phycomyces nitens is that it is found in... drumroll please...

ANIMAL CRAP. Dog, cat, and bird feces can carry phycomyces nitens. If Anastasia krisman is right about the mould type, this is obviously EXTREMELY concerning.

Added with the hairs, it's getting harder and harder for me to just ignore what you find when you connect the dots. There's likely some sort of problem with animals in that lab. I don't think the hairs are human hairs, I think that is animal hair.

I don't know why there'd be animals anywhere near the lab. The dog sitter wasn't available, so Precious had to go to work with you today? Animal testing? Strays getting into the lab, God knows how? Whatever possibility, it's scary.

(Please don't sue me Jacklyn I'm a broke 13 year old)

1 week ago

Wait, what! "QC wore new white gloves and shed all over the products???" I have been in the Quality business for 30 years, and, oh, I also have a Chemistry degree. I know FDA processes as well as general QA and QC practices. The gunk that has been photographed in these lipsticks are definitely not from QC. Furth more for this wantabe makeup line owner to even attempt to throw quality under the bus for the flaws, screams volumes! I hear, sour grapes on her end when her QC dept wanted to reject lot after lot of lipstick for poor quality. I may be wrong, but I highly doubt it. I have worked in places where I have latterly throw the plant manager(s) out of the lab I managed because they asked me to fudge the numbers. Going out on a limb here, as I have never worked with this Jaclyn person, but they all sound the same desperate way...what do you mean it's all scrap? Do you know who much this is costing, both time and money? Guess what...news flash...Quality does not care about costs or deadlines (for the most part, now I would do whatever I could possibly could do to get analysis completed as fast as possible), but if it is not right, and it can not be reworked, then its scrap...stand by that any day.

1 week ago

Mental illness is NOT a joke Jaclyn

1 week ago

but guuuuyzzzz tana didn't mean to put people at risk!! it was the team that SHE hired to put together her convention that scammed everyone!!!...... oh wait, wrong situation. I meant to say: but guuuyzzz jaclyn clearly isn't at fault here, it was the evil lab that SHE hired!!! (; (;

1 week ago

I figured it out. I think she worked 5 years on her packaging. Not the product.

1 week ago

I firmly feel that she knew 100% what was going on. She just doesnt care. She has made it quite obvious for a long time now, that what she cares about is "pretty packaging" - as long as something looks grand on the outside, the inside can be crap and she's ok with that... just look at her as a human.. she doesnt care how crappy of a person she is on the inside the lies, treating people horribly, the lack of a conscience because she believes the way she looks is above everything else. I dont know how she still has a following, I feel like the people that support her must be just as vain as she is and simply do not care about how actual people, actually feel. 🤷‍♀️

1 week ago

Why isnt anyone looking into why she isnt losing any subscribers even though she has so many dislikes and 90% of the comments are negative?

1 week ago

Like watching a car accident! They don't want to miss the disaster!

4 days ago

Also as someone who has GAD I would never talk about an anxiety attack the way she did. No matter how long ago it was I will never use that tone

1 week ago

And this is why youtubers should stick to YouTube. Bitches getting too big for their boots

1 week ago

Even if the “linty” gloves were used how did the fuzz get in and on the actual product?

1 week ago

Jaclyn is like the Enron CEO of the beauty community. She’s escaping with a golden parachute while blaming everyone else.

1 week ago