How to Build the Kwiky All Fuel Foundry Burner

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Published: 3968 days
This video shows how to make the Kwiky burner. Kwiky, because it is so easy to build. All fuel because it can be run on waste motor oil, waste vegetable oil, kerosene, diesel, propane, and natural gas too. It is the easiest way to build a siphon burner that works that I know of. It uses common plumbing and welding parts that you can get from any local "big box" store. You can see more details of how to build it on this web page:

If you build one, send me some hot pictures that I can post on my web site!! My e-mail is backyard-metal-casting-e-zine (@)

Someone recently told me that you need to be careful when buying the plug fitting. they have one fitting that is not solid and doesn't have the bevel that I show in the video...You don't want that one!


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