America's Favorite Quintuplets: 'OutDaughtered'

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Published: 1 week ago
Michael, Sara and Keke get to know the stars of the reality show.

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They're all so cute except the one with the glasses thats a shame

51 minutes ago

Brad Martin aw that’s hazel she’s soo cute

25 minutes ago

I'm sorry but that white chick look out-of-place sitting on the couch with them😊 they should boot her off and just have them two on the show.

1 hour ago

Love Adam

2 hours ago

They are getting grown and cuter.

6 hours ago

Imagine when they are all teenagers

10 hours ago

Hazel !!!❤️

11 hours ago


11 hours ago

There father is more loving than there mother,and plays favorites.

12 hours ago

ThatFucking black girl Kiki is annoying

13 hours ago

Ugh can't stand her, I would rather watch Sweet home sextuplets anyday

14 hours ago

They said they will ask questions but they only asked one

16 hours ago

That’s heart if it’s from a kid

16 hours ago

Keeping up with the quintuplets

19 hours ago

I bet the older girl think her name is Blake loves all them but also dislikes how much attention and I respect that 💕💕

20 hours ago

Man, I can't imagine the cost once they get to the age when they start driving. The insurance is just going to explode at that point unless the parents will tell them to earn the car first (which is reasonable). Also, the mother is going to have a fun time teaching them about puberty too.

21 hours ago

I kinda wish they like posted more on YouTube cuz they don’t post that much anymore

21 hours ago

Όμορφη οικογένεια πολύ όμορφα παιδάκια να τους ζήσουμε να τα χεροντε αλλά γιατί τόση διμοσιοτιτα νομίζω ότι κάποια στιγμή η γονοις πρέπει να σταματήσουν κ ν αφήσουν τα παιδάκια στην ησυχία τους να μεγαλώσουν ήσυχα κ πάλι να τα χεροντε

22 hours ago


1 day ago

‘They’re so talkative’
Kids are silent the entire interview 😂

1 day ago

That lady talking about I turned into a drug addicted! Lady you have children on the show geez

1 day ago

My birthday is today too

1 day ago

Why are these quintuplets famous, but my friends aren't? They are OCTuplets...

2 days ago

Hazel is so dam cute

2 days ago

They’ve grown so much. I feel so old 💖

2 days ago


2 days ago

MICHAEL dam man u HOT

2 days ago

Qué hermosa familia,lástima que no entendí nada,yo veo la serie en el programa los Bush en a&e

2 days ago

Spoiled! And if she came in my store with these brats I’d ask her to leave!

2 days ago

Not MY favorite quints! I love scquints. Scott family.

2 days ago

I love this show Danielle and Adam are the best why y'all didn't bring uncle Dale 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

2 days ago