Pigs used to be Overpowered

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Published: 2 weeks ago
Check out the Extra History episode on Pig Colonialization here: http://www.youtubesmov.com/mov/4XyHKyHjkW6/vid.html?&feature=youtu.be

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Oh, so THAT'S a hell pig... O.o

2 weeks ago

You are now 30-50 feral hogs

You didnt choose this

You didnt want this

But now here you are

9 hours ago

Oh so they’re not a nazi pig but just play games that reference to nazi pigs ok

13 hours ago

@Legendary TAT Hello people tried that and they got shat upon by Extra credits when they was respectable so they brought upon the bad behavior they are getting for being a dick to people who was respectable to them and ones who said nothing but unsubbed during the time the completely bullshit logic Nazi video was made got insulted badly for it by them... So again Extra credits brought it upon themselves for how they acted over the matter

1 day ago

Better hell pig than killjoys

3 days ago

How should I feel about you. I liked your videos until that cringy one happened. I haven't watch since so I dont know what happend

3 days ago

this game sound fun. where can i play

35 minutes ago


40 minutes ago

discovery channel at 3am is tierzoo

47 minutes ago

Tier is German for animal

2 hours ago

Amphibian tier list please

2 hours ago

RIP peepeepoopoo

3 hours ago

Do ant tier list 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜

4 hours ago


4 hours ago

Why haven't humans been banned yet?(they are played alot and they are broken)

4 hours ago

informative ! +1 knowledge ! thanks tierzoo ! props

5 hours ago

The black ops two theme menu music which haunts my dreams! Why do you follow me??????????

6 hours ago

Note: horses can sweat too!

6 hours ago

You should talk about frame drops and how to fix them. (With glasses or contacts)

6 hours ago

Do you think humans are going to get nerfed?

8 hours ago

So what’s the next update going to be..?

8 hours ago

"Hell pig's" look like something out of the demon biome O_O

9 hours ago

How useless are worms?

13 hours ago

Lol the wild hog is still OP on the North American server. Smart as a dog, viscous as a badger, and ridiculously strong. 20 can destroy a medium sized field in a day or two. They can poison water sources and destroy landscapes.

15 hours ago

Please do a video on mantis shrimp. They are absolutely op and super interesting

16 hours ago

Yo am I the only one that really wants to play this game

17 hours ago

song at end of video?

17 hours ago


18 hours ago

I understand you are a big YouTuber and this means you have a huge audience please educate your fans on the Amazon because this rainforest is crumbling please help that rainforest

19 hours ago

Can you do an episode on beavers? I think they have a very unique play style that should be covered

20 hours ago

Pigs: *exist*
Humans: *develop cooking mechanic* 🥓

21 hours ago

Pinniped tierlist please

21 hours ago

Y'all are complaining about Extra Credits collaborating, but that collaboration was what introduced me to TierZoo in the first place.

22 hours ago

I hope you cover eusociality soon!

23 hours ago

Ew, extra credits... You can do better Tier Zoo... You can do better...

23 hours ago