$50 Hotel Room VS $5,000 Hotel Room

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Published: 1 week ago
Today we wanted to review a cheap $50 hotel room compared to an expensive $5,000 hotel room and the results were actually shocking...
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The two fans that were in the video go to my school 🏫

4 minutes ago

The thumbnail tho is not the same as what the $50 one was actually like

33 minutes ago

11:36 lol mongraal

44 minutes ago

They didn't even sleep or anything

45 minutes ago

Anyone wants to become my YouTube friend. ????

47 minutes ago

Boy * I'm going to the bathroom
Girl * ok make sure you close the door
Boy* ok but theirs no door

52 minutes ago

Pass 😂 they try to make this hotel fail

57 minutes ago

I’ve been to the 50$ hotel its not bad at all

1 hour ago

I watched this video 2 times now

1 hour ago

Fix your nose bro 😭😭😂😂😂

4 hours ago

woooh expensive men,..!
if you check out in there bring something dude haha,..

4 hours ago

Feeling kind cash app $MaseMan97

5 hours ago

I lived there

6 hours ago

Click bait btw

7 hours ago

The $50 hotel looks better than any hotel in my town 😂

8 hours ago

Anyone noticed the triangle on his shirt Illuminati 😲!! Conform

9 hours ago

I like your video ❤️❤️

9 hours ago

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$50 Hotel Room VS $5,000 Hotel Room

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9 hours ago

who else is seeing this and thinking OMG I have stayed at the 50$ one

10 hours ago

Anthony Loki a thicky

10 hours ago

If it's less money people thinks it bad so they don't come . They have time for perfection

11 hours ago

anthony is goated

11 hours ago


12 hours ago


12 hours ago

Lol im from london england

11 hours ago

Must be nice to have money 😭

12 hours ago

I travel a lot and have stayed in a lot of $50 hotels and there’s always a fridge and tv and coffee maker and that stuff.

13 hours ago

I habs chips
I eat chips
Ok I leave now

13 hours ago

this is why i dont watch him bhc he puts ads every 5 mins

14 hours ago


15 hours ago

Keep them in they are so funny😂😂

15 hours ago