BHAD BHABIE feat. Tory Lanez "Babyface Savage" (Official Music Video) | Danielle Bregoli

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Опубликовано: 1 week ago
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comment  Комментарии

gayest thing i ever see

3 minutes ago

Another 1

10 minutes ago

Voice annoying affff wtf

13 minutes ago

She really is stupid.....
I think she say carrot cake one or twice

16 minutes ago

The thing about her is she isn’t a wanna be rapper with terrible music she is actually talented and really good

19 minutes ago

1sec ariana

43 minutes ago

Sounds like Iggy azalea with a cold

48 minutes ago

Love this bitxh since cash me ousiide

56 minutes ago

Well, this is awkward.... I’m grown asf (24)and love this song and video....if we could just take her talent for actually articulating and writing lyrics And shove them into Iggy AT LEAST for the next 4 years.... I mean it would only be until her body became legal... come on science, y’all suppose to have this figured out by now.

57 minutes ago

She look like she bout to say nigga at any moment

58 minutes ago

Society.... YOU DID THIS....

1 hour ago

Lady in red praising her illuminati god$ lol.

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

Shouldia boy was the one who put Bhad Bhabie on

1 hour ago

This sounds no different from anything else that has come out. Lit. Sounds like a female lil pump.

1 hour ago

Alguien habla español? :v

1 hour ago

I'll never try to learn the lyrics. too fast.TOO FAST!!!! Slow down!!!!

1 hour ago

Move That Dope?

1 hour ago

Bhad bhabie and tory lanez kilt this shit i dont care what nobody say💯🔥

1 hour ago

Wow, shocked that I understood the words better then most mumble rappers these days lol.

1 hour ago

I hate her but I have a crush on her lol

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

She getting hotter and better😮

1 hour ago

So sexy when she squats in that red suit

1 hour ago

This is aight.

1 hour ago

Elipsy warning

2 hours ago

The remainder of Dr.Phil's hair just flew off

2 hours ago

Some one got a fake page told me I one ur iPhone x

2 hours ago


2 hours ago

DR. Phil has left the chat

2 hours ago