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Published: 2 months ago
"Not awake time, yet. It's time for dark."

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comment  Comments

Why do the two lamps in the back look like Marge😂

51 minutes ago

Who else paused the video to read the long paragraphs😂😅 from Debbie?

3 hours ago

I get up at 4:00 every morning

3 hours ago

0:37 who thaught that she is a mother on the thumbnail

5 hours ago

Its dark as 🍌 banana

12 hours ago

who calls scrambled eggs “egg beaters”

15 hours ago

tell me why devin looks a little like kiernan shipka's sister? [ if kiernan had a sister]

17 hours ago

My moms morning routine:
•wake up at 2:45am so that she isn't late to work
•dry off
•Gets dressed
•makes enough noise to wake up dad
•gets to work by 4


18 hours ago

When Devin said the stuff about the alarm. I was like:


1 day ago

DiD YoU juSt AsUme ThE EgGs GeNdEr


1 day ago

DEVIN! Where did you get that hawaiian shirt?! ♡♡♡

1 day ago

Everyone but freddy : I have to wake up at 5
Freddie : I wake up at 7:20

1 day ago

Did anyone notice the bra with spikes on it in the background

2 days ago

i get up @ 5:30 and im 12...

2 days ago

Wait run? Her routine said walk

2 days ago

10:45 the stranger thingsss poster 😍

2 days ago

ripeee Mr eggg😂😂

2 days ago

When Devin was talking abut how her body wakes her up earlier that's what I end up doing 😂

2 days ago

Devin me too!!!!!! My alarm won’t go of for like 30 ish minutes but I wake up!

3 days ago

Freddie is me. 😂

4 days ago

I arrive at school at 6:30 am

4 days ago

It’s- scrambled eggs.

4 days ago


4 days ago


4 days ago

Devin just has the hair

4 days ago

Do this for a week

4 days ago

Devins hair omg I love it

4 days ago

Devin's Mom = Sharon
Stan's mom = Sharron
Me = it all is starting to make sense

4 days ago

hold on... you call your mom by her name? sorry it's just unusal for me haha it's kinda cute though

4 days ago

They should do each other's morning routine

5 days ago