Why China Is so Good at Building Railways

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Published: 10 months ago
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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther (http://www.Haerther.net)
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

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China airspace time-lapse courtesy FlightRadar24.com
Air China 747 landing shot courtesy ZurichAirportSpotter
China Eastern 737 takeoff shot courtesy PDX Aviation
Tibet railway shots courtesy Steven Chen and PK Long

Music by http://epidemicsound.com

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive


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transport army....

5 minutes ago


39 minutes ago

No Unions and no OSHA?

1 hour ago

说句中国牛逼就完事了,你做这视频累不?哦,不累,因为你是个youtuber呀,this is what you do !lol

2 hours ago

it seems to be presumed that whatever Chinese government does it does so to violate human rights? that's completely bullsh**t.

6 hours ago

3:06 did he just said “twelve hundred”(?

20 hours ago

cos, slavery.

22 hours ago

It looks like to me that some people believe whatever China does, it must be for political purposes, including bringing a relatively remote community closer to the rest of the country.
This video only compares the railway cost $20 billion to ticket price. What it didn't mention, is Xinjiang province's GDP increased by 300 billion CNY - more than doubled, in the 6 years following the railway was built (2007-2012). Number from Statistics Bureau of Xinjiang.
If you are looking into a government owned railway company, maybe look into further than just the ticket price for that particular line.

23 hours ago

we build that lanzhou to Urumqi,because this place are relatively poor in China,we wanna develop these places,HSR will make the transportation between these poor cities and other part of China much better,so it will created more working opportunities,and let more investment into these cities,and as a result ,these cities will be more developed

1 day ago

Tbh the high speed railways are not found in the US often because lots of people use airplanes to get around

1 day ago

The People's Republic of China ,Republic of China .It's all China! It's just that the system is different Love you indicate! Even with different flags, we are the same country!

1 day ago

They stole all this technology. Not impressed. Also.. theres just 2 trains between paris and barcelona because those are two entirely different countries. How the fuck can you compare EUROPE (MANY DIFFERENT NATIONS) to China (ONE NATION)?!

1 day ago

funyn how england now want china to built their bullet train for them due to the quality that comes with much cheaper cost than japan

1 day ago

China’s Industrial/Economic capacity…..courtesy of Uncle Sam & almost 12 Trillion dollars of Trade Surplus…also courtesy of ….Uncle Sam.

No more free ride says President Trump. America First……..for a while.

1 day ago

Your video is a serious vulnerability! Taiwan is China's

2 days ago

Let.Modi..Amith.Sha.Finance.minister..actually.work.or get training for 5 years.in.China.and then.think.if they.fit to.be.in.Govermet..Modi.mustlearn.swasth.Barath from.China.sRail.way station.and streets

2 days ago

So... Communism.

2 days ago

they get surgery to look more Western

2 days ago

Chinese prison labor.

2 days ago


2 days ago

日常黑中国 可以的 很棒

3 days ago

Since Mr. Xi Jinping took the office, China has seen marvelous progress.

3 days ago

🚆 can have battery and solar panels

3 days ago

Airplanes do hi contamination train r better efficient

3 days ago

South Africa has a high speed rail. It already had it by the time this video was posted, making it the poorest country with a high speed rail. #FactCheck

3 days ago


3 days ago

Another stupid Chinese propaganda. You simply don't hear the "train crashes" in China, dumbass ! Go figure out why.

3 days ago

China is a communist country for crying out loud...they shouldn't be at the forefront of transportation and technology.

3 days ago

Traveled to Xinjiang last month on train. The 1,100 mile high speed rail portion between Lanzhou and Urumqi are mostly ballastless tracks built through the red, empty, searing Gobi desert. The engineering was dazzling to watch.

3 days ago

Your fucking American govenment use the mony make wars all over the world while Chnina hard woking to development.And now your fucking words blme the development.Enjoy yours and we don’t care.Make your war business.

4 days ago

The Lanzhou-Urumqi route didn't make sense to me as well until I took the train a few months ago. During the trip, you can see how many stops (towns, small cities, etc.) along the route were rather remote with quite challenging terrains, and transportation between these spots and major cities, i.e. hubs for resources, business/job opportunities, etc., would be really nightmarish - even with airplanes, it will be insane as some of the spots are too close to each other for a reasonable airline, and trains cover all spots on the route whereas planes cover only two points.

The lack of swift and modernized means of transport plays a lot into the sub-par development stage of remote areas, hence sub-par incomes of the people living there. Also separation caused from lack of transport would sometimes cause even bigger socioeconomic problems, like poor understanding of each other's customs, lack of communication, even hostilities among groups of people. Though I do not agree with many decisions by Chinese government, I do think building these high-speed railway routes into remote areas is a good thing for basically all parties involved, especially considering the external benefits to the communities and the whole country.

4 days ago