Top Viral Videos Of The Month - August 2019

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Published: 2 weeks ago
Here are the top viral videos of the month for August 2019!

Showcasing the best viral videos of August, this compilation is guaranteed to entertain.

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04:09 - 04:12 //Me when my mom tells me not to play inside

19 minutes ago

I used to work on the water and the sight of the entire sea moving like 17:16 was awesome. I once saw a pod that stretched for miles and took a half hour to pass.

23 minutes ago

As an Australian I don’t know many people that aren’t white so this is my first time seeing a black baby I never really thought about how they looked but their pretty cute

1 hour ago

Grades of restrict elite comp

2 hours ago

Working on UZI88 pen

2 hours ago

You stole some depth charges

2 hours ago

10:20 cats a smoker

4 hours ago

Door hitting the toilet...I think we got it the first time. Really didn't need to show it nine more times.

5 hours ago

3:20 was from the Netherlands. i feel kinda famous lmao

6 hours ago

the bat was adorable ,the kayaks were cool, no freaking BABIES they are ugly

9 hours ago

the helicopter was obviously a glitch in the matrix

10 hours ago

If a Thunder Interrupt my weddig i would think about that twice......but dont clap.....😂

13 hours ago

The cat fixin to slip it in her

14 hours ago

(15:55) That cat massage was Purrfect.🐈

18 hours ago

The bonnet flies up in the air like "hey, can you guys change lanes. I'm about to land there" waited a solid 2 minute before deciding "fuck it. These people are asking for it"

19 hours ago


19 hours ago

The did not discover that they are identical twins. Neither baby knows what they look like, they are babies for christ sakes.

21 hours ago

Yeah more like "babies look at each other"

24 minutes ago

Dressing girls as Rey and having them carry the staff of penis envy is disgusting. Teach girls to be wives and mothers.

21 hours ago

9:59 dang that dolphine sendet that fish through space and time

21 hours ago

This video was showing up to recommend list since a month.

21 hours ago

yoda girl, wierd parenting

22 hours ago


22 hours ago

....hey! I’m giving out subs too my next 5

1 day ago

Anyone else a bit annoyed that a number of these segments were looped to draw out the length of this video? Pet peeve for me....along with a ton more on these kind of channels. YouTube has a word for it and they don't allow it. it's to regulate channels that are monetized. No sub from me.

1 day ago

Make a small cut-out in the door and call it good.....

1 day ago

8:53 but but....but... alluminum isnt clear 🤯🤯🤯

1 day ago

13:53 umm, theyre talking.. look at body language, facial reactions to each others "comments", using facial expressions while "talking", voice modulation and inflection. i beleive we dont "learn" how to communicate, we "refine" our communication with vocabulary.

1 day ago

1:04 Why are they clapping..? They think the church goin dark is a sign..?

1 day ago

my fav was 18:10 to see how a mother hen protected it chicks

1 day ago

0:23 Shark!

1 day ago

@ 24-Wait, so soda can aren’t fully aluminum?

1 day ago