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Published: 1 week ago
Ok Bebuts, I don't know what to think about this but these new LOL dolls are so great and so not. I love so many things about them but I think you can guess what I don't like. Tell me what you think down in the comments.

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Queen Bee is pretty. I love the black and gold scheme. Looks classy here. Swag is totes rockin that 2000s vibe 🤣

And you nailed it when you said the second one was having a Pretty Woman moment. Very tacky and not really kid appropriate. The first one was cool. That outfit style is popular in certain groups. I could never pull it off, but I have seen those who can.

The underwear situation was just... OOF!!! I think that says it all lol! 🤣

I do love the reuseable pieces and feel like these could be really neat if they make purchaseable outfits like Barbie has. That way you can mix and match and have some really unique combos.

My overall feel is that, these can be really good if they edited some of the outfits to be more age appropriate and fixed some of the accessories to actually work; like the glasses and necklaces. I love the inclusion of a good doll stand and the garment bags. The dressing room is a unique idea as well. I adore the plastic boxes they included to keep your accessories safe when not in use.

So... Aside from the second doll, which I quite disliked, this is a total win and step in the right direction!

1 week ago

@Princess Kim I would actually buy this based on their looks and treat it like a Funko pop doll rather than a barbie. Perhaps even use it as a drawing reference. (I most likely will end up buying it based on that reason alone tbh) I just really like the body type that they went with, although I definitely see this as a doll for teens given the fact that they're in thongs. Yea oof not for little girls they already dress/act too old

1 hour ago

Princess Kim Just like how no one asked for your comment? Its a free country bud. 👌

2 hours ago

Bubble Goddess Proxy I don't think the toys are for adults their most likely for kids lol

2 hours ago

Oh and another thing, you should read my so called “essays” and educate yourselves instead of being edgy and saying that you won’t read them. Have a nice day/night.

7 hours ago

I’m not gonna respond to the other dumb replies that I’m receiving because they’re plain stupid.

Lol may be for kids but also adults and (some) teens (like myself) collect them because in the future, they’re gonna be worth some money like other collectible toys (i.e vintage barbies, cabbage patch kids, garbage pail kid cards, hot wheel cars, etc)

Some people (kids, teens, adults, etc) like collecting things because they enjoy it and it brings them happiness.

MGA is making a top quality doll geared towards teens and adults because that’s what they want to do. The dolls aren’t even meant to be played with because of how highly detailed they are and all the small pieces and parts. Obviously, you dumb sheeps need to do some research on the history of Barbie and overall the history of dolls and fashion in general.

Thank you to the people who chose to agree with me and not side with the bullshit.

7 hours ago

I haven’t played with dolls in years why do I want to go out and buy one of these-

17 seconds ago

lmao imagine calling a doll slutty instead of telling your child that people own their bodies and can wear whatever they want in the right occasion. of course you wouldn't wear that to a job interview, but all the slut shaming and saying that these outfits are damaging, is way worse for your child then seeing a doll in some knee high shoes.

5 minutes ago

I'm not trying to be mean but the dolls are kinda ugly

6 minutes ago

I think swag is suppose to be like Iggy

9 minutes ago

Oh gurl did u say 203 dollars OuO no offense but those are uhhh creepy a bit TwT💢

13 minutes ago

The other thing that goes with the stand is so that you can sit them

14 minutes ago

Can you please buy littlest pet shops if you know what it is 🥺thanks 😇🌸

24 minutes ago

Call me a perv but tbh I couldn’t help but notice how the doll has what seems to be nipples? Once my mind saw nipples I couldn’t stop looking at her chest I’m all for correct body anatomy but do they really need that for a doll?

37 minutes ago

They dont look more realistic then barbie

47 minutes ago

The extra piece for the stand is to let the doll sit down

59 minutes ago

How the absolute f, did I get HERE?? Thanks YouTube... I guess

1 hour ago

GreatBigToyBox:I rate this a UNAPPROPRIATE KID TOY
Me:it's not a toy ITS ACTION FIGURE

1 hour ago

I love the first doll neonlicious, like just everything of her the purse and the her hair and neon colors and I am actually Gemini myself.

1 hour ago

I feel like doll makers haven't looked at certain styles since the early 2000s 😂

1 hour ago

The neclece of royell bee is a bracilet📿💍

1 hour ago

35:34 cardi b, nicki minaj, Beyoncé, iggy azalea

1 hour ago

Beeeeeeeeeennnnnndd and Snap, look how hot its getting, spring a trap and ease it back... I think that's how it goes looll how did I get here.

2 hours ago

I feel like they did a bit much with the body curves :/ TOO much

2 hours ago

To me, these versions of LOL are just the resurgence of Bratz dolls. I might be wrong but I couldve sworn they're done my the same manufacturers as well. I dont know, I think the clothing is a little more older but also as a kid I used to play with Bratz all the time and to me it translated at being confident and secure with how my body looks. I was also older, like 11 to 13 when I played with them, but still. For older kids, I totally stan the Insta Baddie looks.

2 hours ago

im pretty sure the reason why the outfit choices dont appear to be "appropriate" is because they are meant to look like "instagram baddies" and possibly cater to their older audience

2 hours ago

I'm starting to think that diva loves skins of poor animals (yes snakes too)

2 hours ago

I am so mad with all the hate these dolls are getting!! I think they are beautiful and so what they made some mistakes with the undergarments? Barbie’s much worse. So yeah, slow ur roll haters, take some time to appreciate how long it took and how hard it would be to make these dolls.
Royal Bee is definitely my fav :3

2 hours ago

Do you notice all the dolls shoe size is all the same 😂🤣😅

2 hours ago

I get what L.O.L is going for on Swag, the back then "Hip Hop" doll which some kids would find very interesting and brings more specialty into the character but the very inappropriate underwear is not good for children who will try to look up to the character.

Also to mention it be very weird for parents to notified that is a doll has painted underwear then it should have a painted bra. I don't think most parents would like their kids to be looking at something so immature and inappropriate

I'm done sorry for my rant.🤣

2 hours ago

Its a wristlet not a choker XD

2 hours ago

I honestly think the clothing choices are fine along with the mold. I don't think children would be thinking that much of "oh those underwear are so short"; plus if they put it up too much then its just weird. (the only thing I would be uncomfortable of is if they put any showing of nipples cause its unnecessary tbh). kids now are growing up on more "skin show-y" outfits so LOL I think is just trying to fit the fashion choices of real life and what kids find cool. I WOULD love tho if they emulated say Billie Elillish to show that more baggy, non-fitting clothes are cool too. Also, the mold very much fits with their art style so i think its fine. (its just the makeup that's weird to me). When I was a kid I would LOVE to have these dolls, even though I never thought about my weight, it makes me happy to see more dolls on the plus side. (as long as companies don't go to the point where the doll looks super unhealthy.)

2 hours ago

Bee giving me major Beyoncé vibes in the Austin powers movie!

2 hours ago

It's not a necklace it's a bracelet

2 hours ago

You really annoy me they are not supposed to be like humans THEY ARE DOLLS

3 hours ago