I Bought EVERY Console at GameStop...

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Published: 1 week ago
From Wii to Switch and PS3 to Xbox One we decided to see exactly what GameStop has...
Is the Nintendo Switch Lite worth it? http://youtubesmov.com/mov/MctBxW5Meg0/vid.html?
Should you buy a PS4 in 2019? http://youtubesmov.com/mov/Mq9Ydx27SLt/vid.html?

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10 seconds ago

PS3 needs checked for dust in the fans and things like that

1 hour ago

Y is it bad

1 hour ago

11:33 KEN WHAT!?!? ken;not if they are dead

3 hours ago

Don’t buy refurbished consoles luckily you can return them

4 hours ago

Until this video I didn't know that there are consoles which are not Exbox, Ps and Nintendo Switch.

5 hours ago

fuck Xbox

7 hours ago


7 hours ago

Thanks man, i know how dirty people are in the real world but this is too much. Thanks for opening my eyes that I need to buy a new one rather than used ones

8 hours ago

so should i buy a used ds console from gamestop?

9 hours ago

Fix the PS3 please!

10 hours ago

All PS3s are just time bombs even the slim models. I had two slim models disc drives break and two fats overheated and died.

12 hours ago

My question is how did your $200 PS4 didn’t work and the PS4 I bought for $40 worked perfectly

12 hours ago

Never buy refurbished items at GameStop because they don’t know how to refurbish things... I got a Wii from a yard sale for $8 they never used it and it’s a good deal.

12 hours ago

I had gotten a PS4 for Christmas that had the same problem took it back got an Xbox haven't had a single problem.

13 hours ago

Moral of the story is don't buy from Gamestop

15 hours ago

My GameStop currently doesn't sell anything below the PS4 in stores.

15 hours ago

lol someone is listening to Twice ehh

15 hours ago

Austin I hope you know you’re ugly af dude

16 hours ago

DSI and 3DS is not a console, it is a handheld

16 hours ago

Moral of the story austin makes poor videos and is struggling for content 🤦‍♂️

18 hours ago

Next up: I bought the GameStop.

20 hours ago

And no its not a de brand it’s a 1tb xbox one not day one

20 hours ago

$16 for an Xbox 360 wow

20 hours ago

A few years ago I bought 3 Refurbished Xbox 360s from GameStop all of them broke in 2-4 months

20 hours ago

No Vita

22 hours ago

My GameStop is just fine.Idk where y’all at but mine is not like that..

23 hours ago

They really be listening to Twice at the end of the video

1 day ago

Putting phat ps3's on there side helps them from not dying.

1 day ago

found an x360 for 70 with 250 gigs and 50+ games... fucc gamestop

1 day ago