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Published: 2 weeks ago
Will Keith make it through his first CrossFit workout?
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JP Amistoso \\ Crossfit Ganbatte Owner, Coach

Crossfit Ganbatte
3235 N San Fernando Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90065
IG @crossfitganbatte

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comment  Comments

That trainer is cool

57 minutes ago

Bro science life enybody

1 hour ago

Being 21 I was not the most skinniest but working in a bakery has actually helped with my fitness. I'm stronger and honestly much more happy with myself now

2 hours ago

My favorite part is when Keith thinks he cant go up in weight, but the coach does and makes him try. Funny how our brain wants to quit before our body does 💪🏻 Way to go, guys!!

5 hours ago

I need clitoris Zach t-shirt

5 hours ago

when keith went “😡😟(6:29)” i felt that

7 hours ago

As a rower i am CRYING

7 hours ago

I am hyperventilating as a rower with asthma

7 hours ago

I just love Zach's laugh

8 hours ago

How to go from beta to alpha if they stick to fitness the results will show mentally and physically

8 hours ago

Is it just me or does Eugene look like the dark Kermit meme

8 hours ago

their testosterone shot up 20% at the end of the video

9 hours ago

0:32 Keith, i honestly have no idea what she's doing.

10 hours ago

Keith is 32 and looks like he’s about to turn “I need my food in a straw” old.

20 hours ago

I wish I could find a trainer like him. I am TERRIFIED to go. I really wanna start but I feel so anxious when I think about the other people there and the trainers judging me. I know it's mostly in my head but it's so scary...

23 hours ago

Yoga and physical therapy doesnt really make you fit

1 day ago

See you guys messed up when you did the crossfit part

1 day ago

I got tired from watching this so that's how my life is going 😂😭

1 day ago

When they’re on the rowing machine they look like they have cerebral palsy; the way the hold the fucking handle makes me wander just how far gone these “men” are.

1 day ago

Not trying to hate but the guy at 2:00 cant even do a proper pushup. He's leaning to his right

1 day ago

So happy that Eugene offered a hug to Keith at the end, contrasting so much to past videos <3

1 day ago

Keith looks lime that muppet scientist "meee"

1 day ago

Ok I’m a rower so watching them doing the erg (rowing machine) was funny

1 day ago

Injury fit

1 day ago

I smell sooooooooooy

1 day ago

When I get out of bed I BURNED A CALORIE

1 day ago


1 day ago

8:49 was Keith possessed by cermet when he said prawblem

1 day ago

This should be the last time you do CrossFit you will end up with a broken disk

1 day ago

sorry bud but yoga and physical therapy isn't working out

1 day ago