How Aquaman Should Have Ended

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Опубликовано: 2 weeks ago
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How Aquaman Should Have Ended

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comment  Комментарии

Batman is the best. He’s hilarious.

30 minutes ago

your helmet is pretty cool lol.

2 hours ago

4:39 playspeed lol how did that happend?

4 hours ago

wtf happened at 4:37

5 hours ago

4:47 wtf was that Superman

8 hours ago


8 hours ago

What is the point of these video's seriously

9 hours ago

They miss the chance mention that aquaman's and batman's father's name is Thomas

9 hours ago

Does anyone else watch the hishe before the actual movie 🎥

10 hours ago

2:23 WTF LOL Jesus I'm dying

10 hours ago

There should have been a MEG cameo

12 hours ago

Hey Chase, whats up been a long time 😂😂

12 hours ago

When they were in the whale I thought don't and Marlon would be there too

12 hours ago

Shark bait! oh haha haha!

12 hours ago

I dont even know how it ended because i fell asleep . Great premise but not good

12 hours ago


15 hours ago

Do Spider Man into the Spider verse how it should have ended

15 hours ago

it was an ok movie but i still cannot grab how this movie made over a billion dollars. doesnt deserve it.

15 hours ago

Because he rock everytime...

16 hours ago

Субтитры на русскому языке принципиально не переводите?

16 hours ago

Batman+Aquaman= Aquabat

17 hours ago

Batman Forever reference right there!

17 hours ago

Hey Daniel how’s your dog doing

18 hours ago

I didn't understand the shark bait reference... PLEASE someone explain me

18 hours ago

I was actually more hyped to watch the hishe than the actual movie 😁 you go guys!!!!

18 hours ago

Aquaman has both of them!
Edit: That like was taken away from me!

19 hours ago

That Bucky cameo LMAO

20 hours ago

Aquaman should not be shark bait it should be baby shark

20 hours ago

can HISHE just stop this thing with batman its always the same..

21 hours ago


1 day ago