How Aquaman Should Have Ended

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Published: 6 months ago
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How Aquaman Should Have Ended

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comment  Comments

Why Batman is in every video???

1 day ago

1:49 np

1 day ago

This HISHE is better than the movie

2 days ago

Aquaman's mom is Chase Meridian from Batman forever mind blown

2 days ago

Was anyone triggered when aquaman had Thor's hair?? Like wtf?? In the cartoon his hair was short. And Thors was long.... Why they switching up hairdos?? Their not even in the same universe or dimension.... Im lost at who is who...😂😂😂

2 days ago

Shark bait Ooh haa haa 😆

3 days ago

Even underwater hes still god his cup of coffee😂😂😂

5 days ago

I dying 😂😂 Batman still has the mug in his hand

5 days ago

i LOVE all the finding nemo puns lol.

6 days ago

Aquaman can't fly in surface world. Can he?

6 days ago

Aquaman didn't rob the suit of King Atlan: the suit comes with trident, it's one of the powers that come with the trident.

1 week ago

the guy who asked to check again is from spiderman

1 week ago

2:40... it's funny, because it's a Batman Forever reference.

(Nicole Kidman played Dr. Chase Meridian)

1 week ago

Finally a ""really should've ended" scene doesnt make sense

1 week ago

5:08 .... Wrong Cinematic Universe? Comic Origin? Creator? Something?

1 week ago

you are newbie hishe fans din't you???

1 week ago

Sea soldier: they crashed in that lava they must be dead
Sea soldier: did someone check the tracking device
Sea soldier: oh yeah
*Tracks them *
Sea soldier: it says there in that whale
* whale opens mouth*
Sea soldier: freeze sucka
Aquaman: aw man

1 week ago

It was good up until Batman. Lame!

1 week ago

Batman as Aquaman. They should make that movie. I would watch that.

1 week ago

Ugh yeah

1 week ago

I was looking for a reference to "every time the plot starts to move ahead, someone sets off an explosion five feet from him".

1 week ago

No ones gonna mention that Willem Dafoe not only played the Green Goblin but also Gill in Finding Nemo??

1 week ago

I get the beginning because the karathen is Mary Poppins

1 week ago

"What for? Superman can handle it." Finally someone admits it

1 week ago

Sponsored by Honey, then lets drink honeys

2 weeks ago

In all Episodes I,filled with joy say it,too: "Because I'm batman"
Why is it better than the movie, itself?

2 weeks ago

I didn't know Aquaman could fly. ✈

2 weeks ago

aquaman still mostly lame cuz if he's not near water then all he has is the trident and super strength/durability

2 weeks ago

Aquaman: This is outrageous!

I see what you did there, I applaud.

2 weeks ago

1:48 1:05
These are the shark bait moments.
They cost a like.


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago