How Aquaman Should Have Ended

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Published: 2 months ago
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How Aquaman Should Have Ended

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comment  Comments

Baquaman > Aquaman

1 day ago

I feel bad for the people who paid to see this in theaters.

1 day ago

5:08 how did that guy see Aquaman man from above in a Helicopter?

1 day ago

The sea is alive with the sound of YOUR DEATH!!!!!!!

1 day ago

Not gonna lie, I pretty much completely gave up on this movie the moment they put the extremely botoxed Nicole Kidman on screen. She looks worse than CGI somehow.

1 day ago

This doesn’t make any sense. How does the coffee stay in the mug under water?

2 days ago

That was great 😂😂

2 days ago


2 days ago

Aqua man is actually awesome

2 days ago

Cyborg and Shazam are coming

2 days ago

Shark bate uhaha 🤣

2 days ago

Man, I really love your videos, but I think you are inserting too much publicity on them. I mean, 20% of this video is an ad...

I mean, I understand that you've got to make money with your youtube channel, but you didn't need to spam us like this a couple of years ago...

2 days ago

Aquaman was awesome

3 days ago

See Justice league bro

3 days ago

I agree that Aquaman should have been set before Justice League. It makes the continuity better.

3 days ago

137k up votes crazy.

4 days ago


4 days ago

2:29 because I’m Batman

4 days ago

Shark bait

4 days ago

Lol, Seriously though. That movie was great.

4 days ago

What, no Jango Fett joke?

4 days ago

Dad at 0:46 looks like the Jango Fett design in their Attack of the clones HISHE

4 days ago

Damn it I can imagine Jason Mamoa having a comeback like that in the Diner 😂😂😂 especially with the “Wooooh!” at the end.

5 days ago

I couldn't watch this Aquaman because Mamoa was in it. He doesn't look anything like Aquaman.

2 days ago

0:23-0:25 I wish he would do it to Thanos

5 days ago

Aquaman:And there names aren’t Martha
Batman: Well your not Batman!

5 days ago

Shark bait oh ha ha

5 days ago

Shark bait moo haha

5 days ago

If you do a Shazam HISHE, Please have Superman & Batman appear in The Foster Kid's School.

5 days ago

He did make it look epic and exciting. Aquaman and suicide squad are the only good dc movies in my opinion

5 days ago

5:03 funny part

5 days ago

5:05 lol

5 days ago