The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Official Game Trailer - Nintendo E3 2016

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Published: 3 years ago
Check out the official game trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from E3 2016.

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Step into a world of discovery, exploration and adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a boundary-breaking new game in the acclaimed series. Travel across fields, through forests and to mountain peaks as you discover what has become of the ruined kingdom of Hyrule in this stunning open-air adventure.

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It’s been 2 years and now there’s a sequel

How time flies...

14 minutes ago

I can't wait for this game to come out! It's gonna be so much fun.

2 hours ago

Who’s here to keep watching this until Breath of the Wild 2 comes out !!!

12 hours ago

Man, how much I was hyped when I got home and saw this in my recommended, masterpiece

16 hours ago

Who else can't wait for the sequel?

20 hours ago

I'm here for the music, does the song have a name? Or was this just a trailer based musical masterpiece

20 hours ago

I didnt even Watch 1 nintendo why is this getting recommedendt

22 hours ago

¡Ya se viene la secuela de zelda!

1 day ago

Zelda 2014: This game is going to be ready to play soon on the Wii U!

Zelda 3/3/2017: We finally did it on the Nintendo Switch!



Zelda Fall 2017: Some of the players has already beaten Zelda: Breath of the Wild! It’s time for plan B!

Meanwhile again

Zelda fans: The best game I have ever played and this game is the latest and with the best conditions!

Zelda (Nintendo Direct) E3 2019: Hold my joy-con. Another sequal in years in 2020-2022!

A random Nintendo fan reaction about the (Nintendo Switch) E3 2019 reaction: SMASH IS G*Y!

Sakurai: Am I a JOKER to you?

About 60% Nintendo fans: At least Smash has Banjo-Kazooie in it.

Zelda rumors: In the sequal of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can play as Zel-

Zelda fans: DAAAAAAAAAA WAE!!! (maximum excitement)

Sakurai: Here’s a sneek peak video of the next DLC fight-

Zelda Fall 2019: Banjo-Kazooie is here in Smash now. But there’s special a DLC from the Zelda sequal: Ride Kazoo-

Nintendo fans: YEEEEEEEEE! (lose oxygen and cannot breath of the wild)

Zelda Fall 2019: -for $5.99.

* The Legend of Zelda X Banjo-Kazooie*

Sakurai: I’ve been retired.

1 day ago

The thing is I get bored of the open world after a little while

1 day ago

E3 2019 BotW Sequel anyone?

1 day ago

Nintendo please stop

I’m already in debt I don’t need anymore added

1 day ago

5.1k people missed the like button!

1 day ago

Breath of the wild 2! I’m so hyped, wait... wrong trailer (i thought i was the only one with the idea of coming back here after breath of the wild 2 is announced but i see the comments and see so many people who have the same idea from breath of the wild 2 hype)

1 day ago

Already played through the game multiple times, and still get excited watching the trailer

1 day ago

It didn't disappoint.

1 day ago

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already wtf

1 day ago

Feliz 3 aniversario.
Este día fue una bomba atómica en nuestras mentes al ver el primer tráiler de esta obra maestra, 3 años después nos muestran que hay una secuela en desarrollo.

1 day ago


2 days ago

This trailer/game still amazes me to this day. Maybe it's because we have so many games that is about real life looks, killings, war, & guns ECT that seeing a game with beautiful Nature everywhere just brings out more fresh experiences to take in.

2 days ago

14 mln views so I expect BoTW 2 trailer to get the same faith?

2 days ago

Am I the only one who came back here after the sequel was announced?

2 days ago

Lmao same here. I wanted to see how many views the 1st games trailer got in order to get a idea for the 2nd games trailer view count lol.

2 days ago

Been having this game for quite a long time now and this trailer still amuses me 😎

2 days ago

Can't wait for the Majora's Mask style sequel!

2 days ago

Why do I still get goosebumps while watching this trailer and I have the game sitting on my couch.
Patiently waiting for the sequel...

3 days ago

I just bought a Switch to play Pokemon Letsgo but im wondering if this is a good game?
Can someone give me an honest answer - How many hours would this game take to complete? Is it a fun game ? Are there any achievments (like for ex. PS4 Trophies on playstation)?

Edit: Thanks in advance !

3 days ago

@Solo Nepeon thank you for the reply ! It does sound like an amazing game, I feel noob for not having played any zelda games ever but im sure that I will from now on :) once again thank you !

2 days ago

@Wasted Dwarf Zelda games are always like that with full of things to complete & get rewarded since the NES game. Achievements in old games were called sidequest. They just never made a list for you to find out what you get as one would have to find it out on their own or by NPC ect. If you do get the game I hope you have fun exploring it's vast world, good luck 👍😎🤘

2 days ago

@LimyMage918 Thank you for this information ! It sounds a bit like a game I played on PS4 called 'the Witcher 3' wich had plenty of content to play through and as you said above you're free on how you approach everything, wich imo is really awesome. Im gonna buy this game later this month ! Once again, thank you for taking the time to answer my question :)

2 days ago

It's an amazing game. I've had it for nearly 6 months and still play on my first save, and the first few weeks I've had it I played it obsessively so there's plenty to do.

As for achievements, there is a completion percentage that appears after defeating ganon for the first time and you complete that by finishing all 120 shrines, getting all 900 korok seeds, beating all sidequests, all armor upgrades, and so on. And you are rewarded for all you major achievements (like getting the wild clothing set after getting all the shrines) but it does not list all your achievements, except for all of the quests you've completed, and there are a lot. And I havent even mentioned the extra content the dlc has.
If you like exploring open world games that give you complete freedom over how you approach everything in the game, this game is definetly worth your time

2 days ago

Who else is watching this after watching the trailer for the 2nd one? The new trailer is creepy so I needed this for good vibes!!

3 days ago

So one reason why this trailer is awesome that nobody is talking about is how this trailer manages to show us all the gameplay mechanics that we can use in the game itself. In an age where we are only shown cinematic trailers which may or may not have anything to do with the final game nintendo secretly gave us a trailer that shows us everything we can do in the game while also keeping the cinematic feel.

3 days ago

It’s been 2 years and this trailer still makes all the hairs on my arms stand up straight and sends chills done my spine. Just beautiful

3 days ago

Okay so I’m 2 years late and have put in countless hours into the game...what the heck was that at 0:20? A Stal Hinox??

3 days ago