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Published: 1 week ago
Star Trek: Picard premieres January 23, only on CBS All Access.

Watch the NYCC Trailer, debuted during the Star Trek: Universe panel at New York Comic Con.

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I WANT this to be good but it's going to suck balls.

57 minutes ago

How much younger is Riker? Would he be close to the age as Picard was in the original series?

2 hours ago

Forget Data looking old using his aging program. (Season 7 Episode 10 Jordie confirms Data ages). Whatever happened to Moriarty in the holodeck?

3 hours ago

A new Star Trek show that isn’t just horribly done sjw propaganda, and actually follows the original somewhat!?!? I can’t fucking believe it!! I just hope they don’t try and force the sjw bullshit in the middle somewhere and ruin the entire thing like the other new show they claim is “Star Trek”...

3 hours ago

So excited!!!! Looks awesome! A good mix of old friends and new teammates...nearly squealed when I saw Riker turn around!

3 hours ago

I have answers about "Aliens"

4 hours ago

I grew up on Picard, but i will never unsee him as Oldman Xavier in Logan.
The first few moments of the trailer I kept waiting for Logan to show up🤦‍♂️
#whenworldscollide 🤯

5 hours ago

Why would there be a pit bull in the 24th century with docked ears? Wouldn't the human race have moved past doing that to dogs by then?

5 hours ago

They had me at 7 of 9.

6 hours ago

Pick up after deep space nine and put it on real television

6 hours ago

Fuck Picard! Just pick up after deep space nine!

6 hours ago

Im 46 next generation came on when I was a teenager and I'm super duper excited about this

6 hours ago

Wth is with datas hair

6 hours ago


6 hours ago

looks incredible!!!

7 hours ago

Nostalgia-bating at its peak. Looks like more mediocre trash from Alex Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman.

7 hours ago

Much as I love Star Trek there isn’t a chance in hell I’m paying for a streaming service just to watch this show.

9 hours ago

I absolutely love that last scene with Riker and Picard!!! This whole trailer hit you right in the feels!

10 hours ago

I for one, will pay for a subscription just for this series!!!

11 hours ago

When I saw Will Riker and Diana, and when Captain Picard patted his first officer's hand, I got choked up.

11 hours ago

This is going to be epic! Riker, Data, Troi and Seven. Where's Geordi and Dr. Crusher?

12 hours ago

PLEASE let there be a little Q!!

14 hours ago

They will ruin it with politics won’t last 1 season and people will stop watching

15 hours ago

CBS admits they have no new ideas.

15 hours ago

When this turns out to suck ass, I will still be here, laughing at all of you newbs.

16 hours ago

The Federation: "We have a problem."

Picard: "Hold my tea."

16 hours ago

7 of 9, still hot.

16 hours ago

Please, Please, PLEASE find a reason to bring back Tom Hardy to a significant guest role in the new Picard series! He made such a stunning debut in his first major film role in Star Trek: Nemesis that, even given that the film was not broadly considered a success, the work he did in partnership with Patrick Stewart really was something to behold. And now that Hardy is quite a seasoned, mature actor in his own right, how interesting would it be to see him work beside Sir Patrick Stewart again on what may turn out to be the great Jean-Luc Picard’s final adventures in protecting his beloved Federation and safe-guarding the future of the entire universe for us all! Here’s hoping…

16 hours ago

I'm really looking forward to this.

17 hours ago

What happened to Thomas Riker!? I'm sure he's not busy

20 hours ago