3 Marker Challenge in Pool! 💦(Missing Game Master Hacker Found in Backyard)

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Published: 4 days ago
Rebecca Zamolo played the 3 Marker Challenge in a pool with giant floaties and found the missing hacker spying on us in the backyard.
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After Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 Hours Overnight inside a GiANT BUBBLE house! (Matt hypnotized at 3am not from Game Master) and Matt and Rebecca uploaded HACKER is Missing in Real Life! (Hidden Camera Reveals the TRUE identity of Gamemaster), they met up with the real GameMaster for the First Game Master Network Meeting in Real Life! They were given a mission of distracting the quadrant in a Sis Vs. Bro like competition with 3 markers. This is the first time we have ever done this in a pool. Using our spy ninja skills we were able to hide a secret message on each photo. The first round we colored the new gamemaster mask then moved over to a spy drone that Matt and Rebecca drew. Next Rebecca made a lock with keys and Matt constructed a buried safe. Can you guess what the hidden word is and share it with the game master network to save youtube? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Who do you think won this 3 Marker Challenge from the Game Master? Here’s my last 24 hour challenge https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=OCzaLb4ArRg

4 days ago


2 days ago

The word is Canada

3 days ago

Rebecca I am your biggest fan and the sentence is I love the "candy land" a lot better

3 days ago

Rebecca Zamolo Rebecca! ❤️

3 days ago

Matt wins

3 days ago

It is candyland

4 minutes ago

q took the other pictures! I love candyland do you like it .

6 minutes ago


20 minutes ago

I wish I could go to candyland

23 minutes ago

I live in england

30 minutes ago


31 minutes ago

Yellow,because it makes you brighter and I have had that as my favourite colour ever since I saw it so for me whole life

34 minutes ago

The quadrant member who Conner seen took the drawings. Candyland is not a real place (is it)!

35 minutes ago

Conner was right there was a quadrant member

41 minutes ago

at 10:19 The Game Master showed up

43 minutes ago

ive got to candy last year and i won a reward and i snuck candy in my pocket😏🤪

45 minutes ago

Last night my family and i played CANDYLAND and i won.

48 minutes ago

At 10:20 i saw Q and he stole a poster or a picture and ran away(like if you agree)

51 minutes ago


1 hour ago

I wish i could go to CANDYLAND

1 hour ago

i saw Q take the boards and i agree with connor that Q was behind the bush

1 hour ago

The hacker took it !!!!!!

1 hour ago

i like candy land

1 hour ago

U said candy land

1 hour ago

Round 1 mat won

1 hour ago

matt Won it

1 hour ago

playing candy land

1 hour ago

The quadrant was behide you at 10:23

1 hour ago

I like blue because it's really pretty and it been my favourite colour for 8 years now and I'm nine

1 hour ago

Pink and blue 8 years

1 hour ago

I seen a quadrant go by that spot.😱

1 hour ago

I played Candy Land yesterday it was so fun!!!❤❤

1 hour ago

The Quadrant took the other boards

1 hour ago

Peeps what is your favourite thing to do in your spare time mine is to play the board game candyland

2 hours ago

I like to play CANDYLAND what about you. –—–—————

2 hours ago