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Published: 4 years ago
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Reckless ED - TOP TEN Disney Secrets that Disney Doesn’t Want You Knowing About. Disney Secrets Exposed. Walt Disney Secret Messages are about to be exposed.

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Number 10: The Utilidors. Now because of the internet most people have already heard by now of the underground tunnels that go under Disney World, Disneyland and even Epcot. The purpose of these tunnels of course is to take the Disney secret messages in movies cast members from one side of the park to the other without having actually upsetting the guests up top. Each Utilidor is an immense labyrinth of caverns and tunnels going in all different directions.

Number 9: Walt Disney and the FBI. So from the years 1940-1966, Walt Disney was an FBI informant that reported the activities of hollywood actors, producers, directors and Union activists. In return for being a communist hunter, Disney got to record inside the FBI studios.

Number 8: Brain Eating Parasites. On June 20th of 1976, Disney’s River Country opened which was their first water park. It was themed as a rustic wilderness water getaway with an old fashioned swimming hole kind of feel. Located on the Bay Lake near Magic Kingdom, they incorporated a filtration system to use the lake water. Unfortunately it was not completely purified. But in 1980, an 11 year old boy died by a deadly amoeba named NIgleria Fowleri.

Number 7” The death of Walt Disney’s mother. So back when Disney’s Snow White was released it was a huge sensation. Made lots and lots of money. So disney look a lot of that money and built his mother a brand new house. Kind of nice wasn’t it? Unfortunately the furnace was poorly built. So in November of 1938, Flora Disney, his mother was actually killed from a gas leak from that poorly built furnace.

Number 6: World War II Propaganda. In 1942-1945 Walt Disney was in charge of the production of hundreds of pro american propaganda and military training films. Most were for active military personal. Meaning that the general public had little to no access to these films. The more famous of these films dealt with the stresses of military life during the war using characters like Mickey and Donald to portray the main characters. Now the purpose of propaganda is to dehumanize the enemy as well as instill a sense of patriotism for those watching.

Number 5: The final resting place for the dearly dearly at Haunted Mansion. So Disney’s Haunted Mansion is extremely well loved by it’s fan base. Being ridden about 1.5 million time per year. Because of the fixation with death that this particular ride enjoys there are a number of people who have their last wish to be cremated and then spread the ashes somewhere over the haunted mansion. Either inside or out. So if you hear a cast members radian start up with HEPA cleanup, you might wanna find yourself a new ride to get on.

Number 4: Disney verses the Day Care centers. In 1989 , Hallendale Florida had 3 daycare centers that had trademarked images on their walls. Characters such as Mickey and Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto. Eventually the images were painted over and new images were put back up. Universal Studios acted quickly, offering up their characters instead looking for the free publicity. Haha Good job Universal.

Number 3: Disney owns a boatload of stuff. So when Disney purchased Marvel and Lucasfilms properties. I got extremely curious what else they had purchased. As the list your seeing continues to scroll up it contains everything from hotels to cruise lines, parks in other countries, television stations, radio stations, merchandise, just about anything and everything that you can imagine they own.

Number 2: There’s a ghost inside the haunted mansion. Disney Secrets in Movies. As we mentioned before, the haunted mansion is a fun ride but it’s all done with animatronics, holograms and magicians tricks. Or is it? There’s a rumor thats going around that the Pirates of the Carribean and the Haunted Mansion, both have ghosts of little boys riding inside. A guest actually took a random photo inside the haunted mansion while he was riding the ride. And got this photo on film. When asked about it, he swears up and down that it had no photoshop ability whatsoever.

Number 1: secret room in cinderella's castle. So inside the Magic Kingdom castle, they’ve actually built an entire suite that you can find yourself spending the night in. It all started in 2007 with the year of a millions dreams. Now it’s actually by rare invitation only or if you are really interested, go find out about their disney sweepstakes but it is very difficult to find yourself resting inside Cinderella’s Castle Suite. secret room in cinderella's castle


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back when disneyland first opened up they used to kidnap kids so i believe the one of the ghost kids

5 days ago

There's no labyrinth of caverns at Disney World Tragic Kingdom it's just a loop with a bisecting tunnel and a few short radial spurs, at least it was when I worked there. I suspect there is now at least one longer spur, which was one of the longer ones before (at least that I used) back beside what was the Country Bear Jamboree (Bear band, in the vernacular, then), when TSI was the furthest thing in that direction...until "Thunder" opened.

The E in HEPA is short, not EEEE.

Ghosts don't exist, period, although I do remember when one guest had a accident that could have been fatal there, had no one seen and reported it (many were). It happened one day when I was lead the next (fortunately) and the lead that went in to figure out what guests were reporting would not do a walk-through alone after that, she always asked me or someone else to go with her. It shook her up pretty badly and involved a LOT of blood. It happened when a foot and the gears that turn the cars tried to occupy the same space at the same time (if you are dumb enough to get out, do NOT stand on the plates between the cars). An operating position (the one at the end of the of the belt where you enter the "buggies") became required that was optional before that day which ensures that at least everyone starts out the ride INSIDE a "locked down doom buggy".

Judging by what was going on, procedurally, on Rails the day that operator was killed on impact between to trains at TTC, one of which was apparently cleared into TTC in reverse by an off-site supervisor with no direct view on the situation, I expect they have probably changed many many times since then. THAT was just industrial strength stupid, in my era, the lead on that platform handled those instructions, who did have "eyes on". The depths of stupidity cannot be plumbed.

6 days ago

“The Most Expensive Place On Earth”.

1 week ago

Not if you stay at Disney

2 weeks ago

The #7 statment were it affected his writing is bullshit walt would literaly make dark storys pg it was just that he would use the darker story of the grim brothers books and flichmens storys, as far as i know he havent made a single original story i have looked in to it and it suprized me i didnt check every disney thing but i did check it's clasics any princess movie was stolen for sure and most came from the book of tales from the grim brothers

2 weeks ago

Underground tunnels are everywhere under this earth😈

2 weeks ago

Michelle Lee nope, that’s not been proven.

3 days ago

This was the worst. The "facts" and his overall presentation.

2 weeks ago

Now its time to pester my brother about reckless ed!

2 weeks ago

They call the reckless LISPer......,

3 weeks ago

If the rides don’t kill you, the price just to get in will!! No average family with 2 kids could ever afford to go there, not without having to mortgage out their home first! It is insanely expensive, and reserved for rich white people only! I say that because I’m a white guy, and when I went there a few years ago, I was absolutely dumbfounded at the price, but I had promised my nephews I would take them so like every other adult, we really have no choice but to let them rip us off, but they’ll never do it again, because I’ll never go there! The place is nothing but a giant moneymaking machine that doesn’t give a shit about people or children, they only care about one thing, profit! Happiest place on earth my ass, it’s the greediest place on earth!

4 weeks ago

Hey Ed, Disneyland doesn’t have utilidors, only DisneyWorld!

4 weeks ago

Producing anti-Nazi propaganda during WWII is not a "dark secret". And have you ever taken a look at Axis propaganda of the time? Are you telling me that "Education for Death" is somehow DEFAMATORY to NAZIs? OK, what part of it is a blatant lie, then?

1 month ago

Total Click bait....Nastiest secrets? I think not...

1 month ago

Can u do a video on the origin of Disney's Pinocchio movie as it pertains to pervert homosexual child abuse?
My theory is that the movie depicted what REALLY goes on behind the scenes at Disney with these nasty, wormy, super rich old PERVS who REALLY get off on RAPING/SODOMIZING CHILDREN?

1 month ago

McDonald’s is the happiest place on earth 🌍 anyone with me🤗😃

1 month ago

guess u didnt see the documentary on disney.

Walt was a pedo and he set up disney to get his hands on kids.
Special parties r held at all the disney locations where the disney kids r supplied for those that want them.

Only VIP invitations get sent out to hollywood stars, directors and producers.

1 month ago

These aren't exactly secrets.

1 month ago

What's a dragorff? Snow White and Seven Dwarfs!!! lol

1 month ago

Disney line cheat, get an ankle brace or air cast and some crutches. You can go to the exit of every ride and they'll put you and your party in front of the line next on the ride.

1 month ago


Soo so dark.


1 month ago

Been to the Anaheim, CA. location. Haven’t been to the Orlando, FL. location yet.

1 month ago

Screw Orlando. Take me to the Keys!

1 month ago

What's with all the yelling. What are you deaf?

1 month ago

The rights of creators have gone from virtually nonexistent and long, long overdue more than two centuries ago, to absurdly lengthy–not to mention frequently benefiting those having absolutely nothing to do with the creation itself–see: Disney. Sadly, thanks to the amount of money doled out in the form of campaign contributions have made reason and fairness irrelevant, and reform next to impossible.

1 month ago

You would have had a great career as a comedian or comic writer. I laughed so hard at your video. Love it!

1 month ago

Your voice is annoying af.

1 month ago

"Heepa"? It's pronounced "heh-puh", ffs.

1 month ago

You are freakin hilarious! Thanks!

1 month ago

How are these "nasty secrets? Just sounds like a guy complaining like a little bitch

1 month ago

Fortunately I worked at the Dolphin + Swan Hotels on Disney World Orlando property before they were bought by Disney.

1 month ago