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Published: 1 month ago
Starring a captivating Joaquin Phoenix, The Clown Prince of Crime gets a standalone origin film for the ages with Joker.

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This movie makes you FEEL like joker

1 hour ago

saw this today on the big screen -
I give it 9.8 / 10
I went into the cinema expecting some shitty bank heist movie of some sort, with stale action scenes. Instead i got a physological 'thriller' that not only questioned our society, but also embarked on a lot of grey areas. The movie nearly made a perfect depiction of the natural character transformation from Arthur to Joker, where audiences must face the fact, that this transformation was the product of Society, rather than an internal choice, made by Arthur himself.

We weren't rooting for Arthur, but we empathized with him.
If you feel like the Walter White / Heisenberg transformation was done well, this movie Joker is on a whole other level.
Joaquin Phoenix made one of the best performances i've ever witnessed, the movie relied solely on his ability to portray the level of emotions and experiences Arthur was going through, and was delivered delicately with such emotion, that at no point, did i feel like Joker was a villain.

2 hours ago

43 years on from now people will watch this as a masterpiece just as they look back at Taxi Driver now.

4 hours ago

What's the music at the start and end of the video?

9 hours ago

Yo whats the song in the background at the start of the vid

11 hours ago

Now this is a hot potato fro mainstream, cant praise it because of the scared owners, and cant trash it because the angry society. Now this is awesome.

11 hours ago

Incredible film, the trailers and clips do it no justice. The mix of acting, cinematography, music and script come together in perfect harmony.

12 hours ago

Name of the soundtrack that starts at 0:28? Someone, pls

14 hours ago

Why some ppl keep calling films based on comics “comic book movies” Do you call The Godfather a “novel movie”?

15 hours ago

What I told my friends after seeing this movie - it's a modern classic.

18 hours ago

Saw it, Really overhyped to me :/

20 hours ago


11 hours ago

Yeah...but what is the movie about?

22 hours ago

DC axe Marvel . Make more dark movies. CGI movies doesn't thrill anymore, clowns def continue to do.

1 day ago

It now seems obvious, or at least one could infer that ledgers joker goal in the dark knight was to get the type of rioting and anti-hero worship that Phoenix joker had and got.

1 day ago

I seen the joker movie and immediately after went home and watched the ending of batman begins and the whole dark knight movie, and it fit perfectly. The only two things you have to infer is that the joke cut his own cheeks while in Arkham, and that heath ledger's joker is 22- 25 years older than batman which is possible.

1 day ago

I might actually watch the oscars this year lol... 10/10, it was masterfully crafted.

1 day ago

And the Oscar goes to "Joker"

1 day ago

He really deserves Oscar...

1 day ago

If you like bummers this film is for you . The critics are analyzing the hell out of it but it is the reverse of uplifting which today's movie going public seem to want

1 day ago

I totally loved and feel sad for that character

1 day ago

I used to think this movie wasn’t going to make it, but now I realize it will win Oscars

1 day ago

A 🎯 performance! This movie was phenomenal and mesmerizing. Oscar worthy for sure! Amazing and a must see

1 day ago

I was watching this movie tonight while waiting for my real movie to come on.
This movie is depressing really is. It just takes you inside the mind of a deranged phsyco killer that lost his mind, its not entertaining to watch .

1 day ago

The only thing about the movie I didn't like is........ spoilers kind of........

The age gap between joker and batman is like 40 years wtf

1 day ago

Andrew Vaughan that’s meant to be the toll his life has taken on him - compare it with how he looks at the very end of the film (with subtle hints of a time jump too)

In film, it’s noted that Penny hasn’t worked for Thomas Wayne for thirty years and Arthur’s adoption papers reveal that he was an abandoned toddler which Thomas advises was adopted by Penny while working for them.

15 hours ago

@Damon242 he certainly doesn't look like he's in his early 30s

16 hours ago

Andrew Vaughan it’s actually far less than that - Bruce is around 10 in this film while Arthur is in his earlier 30’s.

In 20 years (bringing it to 2001 interestingly enough), the character would be far closer then to the actual ages of Robert Pattison and Joaquin Phoenix.

So they could actually co-exist...

16 hours ago

He makes a great point about what people think was Arthur's imagination or not. Me and my brothers were arguing over whether or not the black girl I thought he befriended was there all along after my lol bro said he was imagining it. This was really a great movie overall but was she really with him those times?

1 day ago


1 day ago

I don’t get why some news articles are hating on this movie and are picking little things and making big deals about it.

1 day ago

because news media is trash

19 hours ago

This movie transcends the dc universe...this is not just an origin story for a comic book character, this is a masterpiece, a decade defining movie, that will become a cult classic.

1 day ago


2 days ago

One of the best movies of the last decade and am amazing performance amazing music and cinematography what to say more I need more

2 days ago

I was expecting great things from Joaquin I walked into the theater wondering if he could deliver he was so badass

2 days ago