Paul George is under pressure, Kawhi has nothing left to prove – Will Cain | First Take

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Published: 6 days ago
Will Cain and Ryan Hollins debate whether Kawhi Leonard or Paul George is under more pressure for the LA Clippers. Cain says George has more pressure, but Hollins argues that Kawhi has to remain consistent.

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comment  Comments

Kawhi is not the best player on the planet that is still Lebron..

37 minutes ago

Dwade was a shadow and Kawhi had 15 points in the first win he was more like Iggy than Lebron.. The second one he was more like Lebron however GSW were injured everywhere Iggy Looney Boogie KD Klay come on he has hardly proved it yet..

38 minutes ago

2:46 .... and I'm out ✌🏾

1 hour ago

Ryan Hollins is GOD AWFUL. He never says anything that makes sense. Plus he always screaming like a child, I honestly couldn't finish the clip. People like him is why people don't respect ESPN anymore.

3 hours ago

Ryan Hollins is amazingly making people he debates with look extremely intelligent. That is the only thing he can do, remove him please.

3 hours ago

I think lebron has more to prove this season cuz if he cant win in la then its gonna be a bust.

5 hours ago

They been roasting ryan da whole week lol

6 hours ago

"You and facts have a really difficult relationships" DKM

11 hours ago


12 hours ago

I think Will won as soon as he made the point that you can’t be under pressure if you feel it or are unaffected by it!

12 hours ago

Will Cain is right. Ryan Hollins will be Wrong again.

13 hours ago

I'm not even gonna acknowledge Ryan Hollins's opinions. I'm gonna cut PG a little bit of a break because he was ballin the whole season until his shoulder injury. That greatly affected him to the point where at the end of the regular season the Thunder had went from like 3rd place in the West to the 8th seed in 6 days. The pressure is on him but I'm gonna cut him a break.

15 hours ago

Damn. I realy hate ryan hollins

19 hours ago

This video is a dumb and dumber sequel

20 hours ago

Hollins da type to let a bitch run all type of game on him 🤦🏾‍♂️😭😭😭😭

21 hours ago

Hollins is dumb af he HAS to go! I know the cast be goin home like “ damn! This guy is dumb”!

21 hours ago

ESPN needs to deepen their bench

23 hours ago

Who in the hell is this ignorant fool Hollis? Hey stupid, have you heard every one of the Raptors talk about how Kawhi has brought calm and patience to their team? Tell me, are you stupid or do you just talk like you are stupid? After listening to your reasons why Kawhi is under pressure, I have decidedbyoubare just up three to disagree with Will Cain so you have something to argue about. Good-bye, I can't waste my time on the likes of you!

1 day ago

Ryan Hollins makes me SICK

1 day ago

Bro please remove ryan hollinsda or whatever his name is we’re tired of his Waco ass takes will flammed him and all he could do is try and make fun of him he didn’t even have any valid points I don’t know how a guy that’s a two time champion and a two time finals mvp has more pressure on him then a guy that’s done nothing and flopped in the playoffs, ryan needs to get off the show ASAP

1 day ago

Hollins like 7foot and couldn’t play 10 minutes in the nba and he’s clowning will for playin water polo. Ur shitty takes boutta make You fail at ur 2nd career. Have fun getting in n out the janitors closet with your tall goofy ass

1 day ago

I am calling it . Kawhi will be a beast in play offs he will eliminate the Lakers in the wcf he will get injured in the first game of the finals and george will take over to lead clippers to the championship

1 day ago

Kawhi is Gettin a lot of praise for beating a team without their stars, but let it be bron tho they would have brung up the fact that a long time ago. They would of had a whole segment about does this chip really count for bron 😴😴

1 day ago

Bro the nigag Paul George averaged 29 a game in the post season. So it’s his fault Russell is a chuck. I kno pg hit like the last three buckets for okc in that last game then russel came and did some wild shit.

1 day ago

Ryan has that dumb Face that you just wanna Punch 👊

1 day ago

Ryan Hollins does not know what enamores 2:00-2:50 means. Lmmfao

1 day ago

You and facts got a very difficult relationship
Max been on Ryan's ass all day 😂😂 4:35

1 day ago

You can tell they all literally hate Collins

2 days ago

Why was Ryan Hollins being a rude little bitch right from the beginning?

2 days ago

just shut up man,,,

2 days ago