Top 10 Ways Game of Thrones Could End

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Published: 6 days ago
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With Season 8 on the horizon, there are many ways Game of Thrones could end. We all have our theories ready and now we’re going to examine the possible roads this HBO epic could take on its final stretch. This isn’t just who we think will end up on the Iron Throne, but also events that could come to pass along the way to victory . . . or defeat. Today we're ranking the ways Game of Thrones could end. How do you think Game of Thrones will end? Let us know in the comments!

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List rank and entries:
10: Tyrion Lannister Wins
9: The Iron Throne (& Monarchy Rule) Is Thrown Out
8: Miracle Baby Targaryen Wins
7: Sansa Is Queen in the North
6: Daenerys Goes Mad
5: Cersei Wins
4: It Was All Bran
3, 2 & 1: ?

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1 week ago

+Moruo Kings im replied not to you but to watchmojo. relax

4 days ago

+Rvideos none of your concern b**ch

4 days ago

so what?

4 days ago

Finally I get to see the woman behind that beautiful voice

5 days ago

i am rooting for the night king to win..

2 hours ago

Y’all are missing that Sansa is the Game of Thrones equivalent to Queen Elizabeth I

3 hours ago

Okay but how about we give Bronn his castel, yeah?

3 hours ago

Why am I watching this ?
I don't even like Game of Thrones.

3 hours ago

Could be robert baratheon bastard son become king.... I guess

4 hours ago

I still think that Baelish is alive :D
That girl he talked with outside of the Winterfell was faceless girl and she sacrifice herself because she owned him a debt.

4 hours ago

hey Phoebe

4 hours ago

Jon and Dany become the new night king and a night queen to solve the baby problem?

Or ant man travels back into the past using a temporal vortex and creeps up the nk butt of expands 😂

6 hours ago

we’re not all ‘guys’

6 hours ago

P for Phoebe, h for hoebe, o for oebe, e for ebe, b for bebe, e for ello there mate!

8 hours ago

It's not a fucking ice dragon. It's a zombie dragon.

11 hours ago

#1 hot pie assumes power.
Well dam hot pie

13 hours ago

I want 4

13 hours ago

I think instead of who wins we should ask what the night king wants... Jon and Dany's baby, perhaps?

13 hours ago

Greyjoy sits on the Throne the end!!!!

13 hours ago

for everyone who thinks Dany and Jon are gonna make it you havent been paying attention

13 hours ago

dumb how they force you to sign in to take the quiz....wack.

14 hours ago

I'm a big fan of no.6

15 hours ago

Wouldn't it be great if for some reason the knight king can't attack winter fell (wants to save Jon snow/Danerys) and he simply goes south to attack cersei? Cersei has to have some sort of reckoning for her stupid decision not to fight...

16 hours ago

Phoebe is wearing smelly cat provided by Frank buffay click here to watch the last episode of friends

16 hours ago

There is no chance Sansa survives.

18 hours ago

When they said hotpie ruling was the best ending 😂😂😂😂

21 hours ago

I'm almost counting on the writers tossing the end in order to promote the spinoff. If they do this I am completely done with GoT. I've invested hundreds of hours watching all previous 7 seasons, several multiple times, and the ending is some BS involving a cliffhanger or God forbid, the Night King winning, I'm fucking done. Dont fuck this up, please!

23 hours ago


23 hours ago

Has everyone forgot about Gendry? He will be King Baratheon!

1 day ago

What a twist

1 day ago

Sansa is next cersai...she will seat in the iron throne

1 day ago

In the end Podrick tells everyone what he did to those girls

1 day ago

This might just be the worst Game of Thrones theory video I've ever seen. There's barely any proof for any of these theories. Maybe do some more research next time.

1 day ago